Common Problems in Family-Owned Businesses – How to Reconcile the Interests of All Family Members

Autologica presents the third part in a series of articles that address common problems and issues faced by family-owned businesses, based on an interview between Al McClymont, CEO of Autologica Dealer Management Systems, and J.C. Aimetta, an expert and coach who specializes in family-owned businesses.

Al McClymont: It seems obvious that in every family-owned business there will be members that will work in the company, and members that choose not to. How can the interests of family members that work in the company and family members who do not work there, be reconciled?

J.C. Aimetta: Well, first of all, it is necessary to understand that the family members who work in the company do so to make everyone wealthy, even those members that do not work there.

Thus, a simple way of reconciling interests is to provide the family owners that do not work in the company with information. Offer them information about how the business is doing, how it is evolving.

The simplest data is the balance sheet. An annual or biannual balance, so that they know whether there was a profit or loss, is a way to keep the family members that do not work in the company informed, and help them to learn to appreciate the family business.

Mainly, when it comes to family members that are owners and who live abroad, a feeling of emotional indifference is generated because they never get information about the company’s development. Thus, little by little they lose interest, and may decide abruptly to get rid of their share. So, the first thing to do is provide information.

And the second thing is to provide money.

The owners of the family business tend to become richer in assets and poorer in cash. That is to say, they are “rich” because they have many things, but “poor” because they have no cash to spend.

Therefore, when someone reaches their 50’s or 60’s and realizes that they own 20% of a company located in some part of the world, but they have to take out a loan in order to take a cruise, they can get angry.

Al McClymont: What should the company be doing to prevent theses family members from getting upset?

J.C. Aimetta: Well, first of all, it is necessary to provide the family member who does not work in the company with some kind of return, some distribution of results, even if it means less reinvestment and less growth.

As regards information, we should believe that the family members who do not work in the company are experts. Thus, it is a great mistake to hand a balance sheet to a person who is a painter or a writer, and think they are ignorant because they do not know how to read it. Nobody is that ignorant as to be unable to learn how to read a balance sheet. And if they want to be a shareholder, an owner, they must at least understand the ABCs. In practice this is not usually explained to them, the information is just given to them in order to satisfy a formality.

Every time an owner does not understand what is happening and does not see cash from the company he owns, the risk of them suddenly leaving even grows, sometimes even amid an unhealthy legal situation.

In the next part of this interview, we’ll talk about how the family-owned business can plan for succession.

Corporation Inc Walkthrough

Simulation games have actually been around for quite some time, you may be familiar with console games such as the Sims. Sims started off really popular, the ideas was that you role play as people, find jobs, learn new skills, meet people and try to live life. Something big just hit the online game industry and that is Corporation Inc. Corporation Incorporated is an all new online game from John, a very well made game I might add, it has quickly jumped up to the best game of 2010, following that would be Warlords 2: Rise of Demons.

In this online RPG game you simply run your own push button factory, the goal is to run a successful business that earns a steady income, you’ll have to hire and fire workers depending on their happiness level, and whether or not they slack off or do their job(s). There have been a few minor bugs with the game but overall they have been fixed or are still in the process of being fixed, the game itself is very unique, something much different from the usual online games I play.

The game starts out with 3 modes, easy, medium and hard. Each mode has a different amount of starting cash, I have managed to play it both on medium and hard, if you do choose the hard option you cash will probably cut pretty close to low earnings, just make sure you don’t purchase to many offices or decor.I have read a few great Corporation Inc Walkthroughs here and there explaining useful gameplay hints on how to complete each objective. The game has 32 objectives, some of them are rather time consuming, so make sure you just keep earning a fair amount of money before you attempt to make any serious purchases.

Analysis: Overall this game is by far the best online game I have played to date, without a doubt. If you are into casual games or in this case simulation games, you should definitely add this game to your playlist. If you run into any bugs just let John know, he is constantly doing his best to improve and make the gameplay better for everyone out there in the online gaming community. Good luck, and as always have fun!

11 Things to Avoid When It Comes to Establishing Your Local Presence

1. Not bothering to update your listings

First, stick to listings that are relevant to your industry and area, as some tend to be spammy and may hurt your chances. Next, make sure that all your information across all directories are updated and accurate, otherwise you may lose prospects. Include open hours, contact numbers and your address.

2. Not focusing on local keywords

Localised search engine marketing provides a   unique  opportunity for you within your area of business. This will give you an edge over larger businesses that tend to focus on other areas than the one near your office.

3. Not putting any attention to  reviews 

It’s all good if customers leave reviews about your business online, but there are still more ways you can encourage more reviews. Provide discounts, freebies and other incentives in exchange for honest reviews from genuine customers.

Formulate timely and appropriate responses to reviews, both positive and negative. This way, customers looking at your profiles online will see that you care.

4. Not using Google My Business and Local Google+ pages

Google My Business lets you update your information in one place so that prospects looking for your type of business will have the right information. Keep your data updated to make sure that you can maximise online presence and encourage people to interact with your business.

5. Not establishing ties with other local businesses

Other businesses in the area can help you when it comes to establishing yourself within the larger community. This will help you build a strong network as well as get more people to notice what you have to offer. Ties with other businesses can widen your prospects for future partnerships and more opportunities.

6. Not using social media smarts

Be smart about social media. Not only does it provide you of a way to get close with customers, but the different platforms can help you get more prospects. Respond to customer inquiries and concerns and keep your profiles updated with exciting events or sales.

7. Not taking advantage of local events

Getting involved in local events is a good way of gaining more visibility in your local area. This can include a wide variety of activities, such as promos, discounts, special offers, gifts and more. Get creative and make customers feel extra special on special events.

8. Not giving back to the community

A good cause helps you do something meaningful for your community, helping you increase involvement as well as visibility.

9. Not looking for more ways to improve

No matter how successful a business may be, there will always be a need for more improvements and changes to go along with the progress happening every day. Look for ways that you can grow your business online.

10. Not paying attention to site content

The first thing customers will want look at will be your website, so make sure that your content is fresh, concise and accurate. Incorporate modern and professional design, including mobile, and make sure all information is up to date.

11. Not building your brand around local trends

Since you’re targeting local audiences, make sure that your business approach is something that impacts their lives. Make use of local trends and quirks to stand out. Think what the locals are looking for, how they live their lives, and structure your brand around that.

Weight Loss – Is Calorie Counting As Straightforward As It Seems?

If you are on a mission to lose weight, one thing you are very likely doing is trying your hand at calorie counting. You have heard before counting calories are critical to success, and there is nothing closer to the truth. If you do not have the right energy balance as you go about your goal to shed fat, you are not going to see the results you are hoping.

But, is counting calories as simple as adding up numbers? It turns out; it isn’t. Here are a few points to remember about counting calories…

1. Calories Are Not Always Reported Accurately. First, note calories are not always reported accurately on food labels. For instance, there can be a 10% difference either way in how many calories are presented as being in the food and how many calories are actually in the food.

While this may not seem like too big of a deal – 10% should not amount to much, but if it is occurring often, it can sway your numbers.

Remember you are only ever getting an estimate of how many calories you are taking in. It is impossible to get 100% accuracy.

2. Your Body Processes Calories Differently. The next point to remember is your body will burn and process calories differently, depending on the foods you eat. For instance, if you eat food high in protein, you are going to expend more calories just breaking it down compared to food high in carbs.

Likewise, if the food is natural and contains more dietary fiber, this too will net you fewer calories than if the food is processed. Natural food breaks down very quickly in the body as the fiber is part of the food the body can’t break down so speeds up digestion. While again, this won’t amount to a huge difference, over time it can add up and sway your results and is yet another reason why it is critical you are focusing on wholesome and natural foods as you go about your diet plan.

3. Your Exercise Habits Make A Difference. Finally, note your exercise habits can also influence your total calorie intake. While most people think exercise only impacts the output side of the equation, this isn’t the case.

The more you exercise, the higher your insulin sensitivity will be and the better you will be able to process the carbohydrates you eat leading to a lower risk of converting those carbs to body fat stores. Instead, the carbohydrates will convert to energy and be stored in your muscles.

Those who exercise tend to utilize their foods better, so this can influence their body weight and composition.

Keep these points in mind and remember, a calorie is not just a calorie. While tracking your calories is certainly critical for optimal results, it is not the entire picture for optimal success.

Forehead Sweating – The Top 5 Causes

Some things are easy to hide like the helm that comes a loose from your pants. Then there are other things like hiding forehead sweat and that’s like trying to stop the rain. And as hard as it is to keep profuse sweating unnoticed, imagine how impossible it is to camouflage forehead sweating. What’s even worse is sweating starts without warning. Your face begins to get hot from the inside out. Next, you start to shine, then beads of sweat begins to roll down your face. Last but not least, you are sweating like a fire hydrant, full force with no cut-off valve. This common occurrence for excessive sweating sufferers is irritating and aggravating, not to mention embarrassing. Unfortunately, the common causes of forehead sweating are everyday activities in most of our lives.

Most people don’t really know that excessive sweating affects 3 percent of our population. Part of the reason for that is because our medical professionals didn’t see it as a serious problem. When patients would schedule an appointment because of excessive sweating; we’ve heard, some reported sentiments such as: go home and stop complaining. Those professionals were obviously uninformed and didn’t realize the psychological side that’s associated with over-sweating.

Most likely if you are a victim of hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), you may have experienced this. While modern medicine still doesn’t quite know exactly how to stop excessive sweating or what are common causes, there are clues from other sufferers that have gone before you.

There are many causes that seem to bring about forehead sweating, listed below are a few of them. Keep in mind that they will vary from person to person.

Anxiety: Anxiety is the body’s natural response to danger, an automatic trigger that goes off when we are under pressure. A few symptoms of anxiety; racing heart beat, stomach butterflies and the jitters.

Stress: Stress is an emotion that’s unavoidable. We all experience stress in our daily lives. However, chronic stress can be very detrimental to our over-all health.

Anger: Unless you are Mother Theresa; anger is something that you have experienced. Anger normally builds up fast and ferocious. It’s normally a gut reaction to a situation or problem.

Fear: Fear is a crippling emotion. It’s an emotion of thought. Many times we are fearful of the unknown. We become fearful when we lose the ability to think rationally and logically.

Excitement: Building excitement takes a lot of energy. Burning the necessary amounts of energy causes our bodies to heat up and once we heat up, the brain reports to the nervous system. It sends a signal to keep us cool and this process is known as sweating.

There you are, 5 underlying causes of forehead sweating. Emotions are one of the main causes of forehead-sweating. The average person has a tendency to sweat when they are nervous, stressed, angry, excited or anxious; but those that suffer from excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) will NO Doubt sweat. And more than likely it will show all over their face.

Step By Step Directions for Milking the Prostate

The prostate is a gland of the male reproductive system. It is not found in women. Its primary function is the production of seminal fluid, and it also stimulates orgasm in males. The prostate gland can be affected by disease, including infectious inflammation or prostatitis, and prostate cancer, the second most deadly cancer among American males. Many people recommend milking the prostate regularly as a preventative treatment against prostate cancer and prostatitis.

Prostate milking is also referred to as prostate massage. It is a fairly simple procedure and you can do it yourself if you want to. Here are the steps to take in milking the prostate on your own:

1. Perform urination or a bowel movement in order to maximize the relaxation of the area.

2. Make sure that your fingernails are trimmed and have no jagged edges jutting out.

3. Clean your body and your hands thoroughly. Then put on a sterile latex glove on your hand. Dab a little water-based lubricant on your fingers.

4. Carefully insert your finger or fingers into your anus. Move them gradually upwards and to the back, along the area of the rectum towards the front of your body. Your fingers should be moving in roughly the direction of your navel.

5. You will feel the prostate gland, which is like a small, round bulb about the size of a large walnut. Gently massage it with a light waving motion along its sides, taking care not to press hard on the central area, where the sensitive nerves are located. Avoid touching the prostate gland with your fingernails.

6. You may experience a disconcerting sensation that makes you feel like going to the bathroom although you do not have to. Try not to let it affect you, and continue with the procedure.

7. After a few minutes, the prostate gland may be stimulated enough for ejaculation to occur. You are also likely to experience sexual pleasure or orgasm. However, the procedure does not always successfully bring about ejaculation.

Prostate milking when used as a preventative treatment may carry a few risks. It is a technique that is not recommended for men who have a disease of the prostate or acute prostatitis, an acute inflammation of the glandular tissue. The problem in such cases is that the act of milking the prostate may cause the infection to spread to other areas of the body.

Feminization Hypnosis – Can A Real Man Become A Real Woman Using Hypnosis?

Hey guys, ever wonder what it would be like to be a woman? Sure you have. Members of each sex often wonder from time to time what it must be like on the other side. So can hypnosis really take a male and turn him into a female or at least have him thinking he has become a female and experiencing things as a female? The answer is yes and the specific technique is called Feminization Hypnosis.

Feminization hypnosis is a specific hypnotic process whereby the male is taken into a deep hypnotic trance state and is given suggestions to create a state within him where he believes he is a she. When in trance someone undergoing feminization hypnosis often experiences at a subjective level feelings of being physically transformed into a woman.

In addition to womanly feelings the subject will also start to display behaviors and traits of a female.

So why would anyone want to participate in a feminization hypnosis session. Some men really want to know what it would feel like to be a woman. These men take what for most men would be nothing more than a curious thought from time to time or an occasional full blown fantasy and try to actually make it real.

Some men just want to connect with their feminine side and see this kind of hypnotic process as a viable way to do that. The obvious group of men who would use feminization hypnosis a lot would be those who are transsexuals and transvestites.

To complete the transformation beyond merely dressing as a woman, hypnosis can allow them, to actually become a woman using the power of the imagination and suggestion used by the hypnotist

This kind of hypnosis is incredibly powerful. Men who engage in feminization hypnosis actually feel their body change into that of a woman. They feel they are female with a female body (breasts and genitals included) along with all the physiological sensations that a woman would typically feel.

So complete is the feminization process that positive hallucinations can also occur which is when the male subject actually sees themselves as a woman when they look in the mirror.

When a male is in this state he will also begin to act and behave as a female. He will interact with others and his environment as if he was female. Similarly at a behavioral level he will act as he would imagine a woman to act even to the point of being sexually attracted to men.

Certain safeguards are usually set in place with this kind of hypnosis. Triggers are set that will allow the male to move into the feminine state and also to move out of should they wish. Also a certain time frame can be set for the feminization experience where the trance state is terminated at a predetermined time.

While a lot of men may want to experience feminization hypnosis every once in a while and don’t really have any desire to live as a woman there are a number of men who would like to live their life as a woman on all levels. For these men hypnosis can provide a bridge to the mental and emotional states of a woman that they are seeking to experience every day of their life.

This type of hypnosis is really an ongoing psychological and emotional conditioning course where a great deal of time is spent in hypnosis with a view to change the male at a very deep identity level. This re-programming would need to be undertaken with the help of a trained professional hypnotherapist and supplemented with self hypnosis and take home audio sessions.

While hypnosis is safe and much of what we have been discussing here would fit in very easily as part of a stage hypnosis show, the kind of feminization hypnosis we are talking about, that attempts to create deep and lasting change, is not something you want to play around with. For this kind of hypnosis seeking out the help of a trained professional not just in hypnosis but also psychotherapy or counseling would be advised.

Receding Gum Line – Can Gum Recession Be Reversed?

If you have a receding gum line, you probably are at some stage of periodontal gum disease. Gum recession can be reversed, however, you must identify its root cause in order to choose the proper periodontal disease treatment. So finding the root cause will enable you to know how to cure receding gum lines.

8 Danger Signs that You Have Periodontal Gum Disease:

  1. Bleeding gums
  2. Sore and swollen gums
  3. Chronic halitosis (bad breath)
  4. Loose teeth
  5. Dentures do not fit correctly
  6. Teeth fit differently when you bite
  7. Toothaches
  8. Receding gum line (receding gums)

Why You Should Not Ignore Gum Disease

If you have a receding gum line and any of the above symptoms, you need to pay attention. Did you know that gum disease is linked with stroke, heart disease, cardiovascular problems, diabetes complications, underweight or prematurely born babies, digestive disorders, and many more life-threatening conditions. The fight against gum disease is the front line to many other problems. Don’t put it off!

What Are Some of the Aggravating Factors of Periodontal Gum Disease?

  • Pregnancy (“Pregnancy Gingivitis”)
  • Smoking and Tobacco
  • Bad Nutrition
  • Depressed Immune System
  • Medications and Hormones
  • Pregnancy
  • Poor dental hygiene
  • Drug use

What is the Most Common Cause of Periodontal Gum Disease

The root cause of periodontal gum disease is the overgrowth of naturally occurring bacteria in the crevices of your gums and teeth. The bacteria grow forms into plaque and tartar on the teeth. The bacteria emit a toxin that basically eats away at bone structure and gum tissue. If you do not kill and control the bacteria you may eventually lose more of your gum line and even your teeth. Don’t wait to take action.

Can Gum Recession Be Reversed?

Yes it can! If you are able to control the bacteria it gives your body the opportunity to naturally replenish gum cells and thus your gum line. It is important however to have current tartar and plaque build up removed professionally. Over time, with proper oral hygiene, overall health, and the right remedy you can see an improvement in your receding gums.

How to Cure Receding Gum Lines the Natural Way

You should be careful that you do not make your existing problem worse. Many people use mouthwash for gum disease without realizing that it often contains very harsh chemicals that irritate the gums. Furthermore, the mouthwash does not remain and have a lasting impact on the bacteria. Many toothpastes also contain potentially harmful chemicals. Have you ever asked yourself why there are government warning labels on toothpaste tubes?

For centuries cultures have been using natural oils as a periodontal disease treatment. Natural oils such as spearmint, peppermint, and almond, all in the right combination, can be a potent formula against your main culprit – bacteria. It works so well because it seeps into the gum line where the tartar and plaque are lodged. Since the oil is able to stay in contact contact with the problem area, it gives the body a chance to replenish the gum tissue of affected areas. When the bacteria is controlled, often such things as chronic bad breath (halitosis) and inflammation go away. Over time you learn to smile again without the embarrassment of a receding gum line.

Gadgets And Their Importance In Our Life

Gadgets are electronically simplified applications that make work easy. They play a significant role in the common man’s life and we have grown so used to it that it becomes very difficult for us to think of daily life chores in the absence of gadgets. Ranging from a washing machine, a chimney or an electric hub, the churner or simply the television set; gadgets have invaded each and every part of our life and have proved themselves to be useful.

Gadgets and their importance

1. Gadgets increase our efficiency. Before the invention of the telephone or the more recent e-mails, sending messages and letters would take days to reach its destination. The soft wares used for application in the internet and the telecommunication are nothing but technical gadgets. These gadgets actually have increased human productivity in terms of work and made the world a better place to live in.

2. A gadget brings joy to the family. With the advent of web-cam and other video accessories, staying away from family and friends is no longer painful. These gadgets can make distant things come near and makes human accessibility very easy.

3. Gadgets make things compact- Take the example of a Swiss Army knife. It can be used as a spoon, knife, twizzer, bottle opener, fork etc. In a single gadget a user can get the function of more than one product.

4. They help in saving space. Initially in the early years of telecommunication the wired handsets could be positioned at a prescribed position only for connectivity. With advent in technology, mobiles were invented that allowed users the freedom to access calls when moving around. With a blackberry one can also avail internet facilities when moving around.

5. Gadgets are fun! iPods, music systems, video games, DVD and most important of all the popular idiot box of ours-“TV” need no introduction as to how enjoyable have they made our lives. These technical gadgets have the power to make us smile by having access to our emotions and needs. They are instruments that can ward off the feelings of loneliness. They are so fun that it actually becomes very essential to integrate them with our lives.

So, gadgets not only make our lives easier but also save our money and precious time. Buying a single gadget will give us the functions of many. This makes gadgets cheap and affordable. It can therefore be concluded that gadgets are not only important because they make our lives easy but also because we can play with them.

Pros and Cons of Space Exploration

Today, a lot is being said about space. There is even talk of making space the next tourist destination. Already the first private space shuttle has been tested in Russia and very soon this travel may become a reality.

Already space has been explored a lot by astronomers and researchers. Many manned and unmanned space missions have been conducted by different countries. Researchers are looking for newer ways to explore space, to help us understand what lies beyond.

However, while there are proponents of space exploration, there are also critics. So, one has to weigh the pros and cons before furthering space exploration.

One of the biggest pros of space exploration is being able to discover the unknown facts about space. The universe is a mysterious place and by conducting space exploration, many of the mysteries can be answered. The exploration will also help mankind to discover new minerals and precious metals. It is quite possible that in one of the explorations we may find an alien race similar to the humans. Maybe we are not alone in this immense universe. As pollution plays havoc with Earth, space exploration may help us find another planet that we can inhabit if Earth becomes unlivable. The thrill of seeking something new and different can spur many people’s sense of adventure. So, space exploration has the potential to satisfy this need.

On the other hand, the money spent on the exploration and subsequent research is immense. If this money was used to help an underdeveloped country, it could have brought happiness and a better way of life to millions. The national wealth is used for space research and exploration and if the same money was used to help the down and out of the society, it would have been better spent. Also, the manned spaceships sent to space risk the lives of astronauts. Many astronauts have been killed when their spaceships have exploded while returning to Earth. It is quite possible that there maybe harmful microorganisms in space which could be lethal to mankind. So, the risk is always there that in one of manned or unmanned space missions, these microorganisms may find there way to Earth.