Pros and Cons of the Baby Trend Double Jogging Stroller


After much research, the critics’ choice for a double stroller has to be, hands down, the Baby Trend Double Jogging Stroller. They make 2 models, the Navigator and the Expedition.

The difference in the two is the Navigator has 2 of everything. Two front swivel tires, two separate canopies, can adapt to fit two infant car seats, and has 2 child trays. The Expedition has one front swivel tire, one canopy that extends across both seats, and no child tray. Both however are very well made, sturdy, strollers.

The Navigator I think has a few more pro’s though than the Expedition. If you are pushing 2 children close in age, the one front swivel tire of the Expedition seems to be adequate. If however you have 2 children whose ages are say 3 years old, and 15 months old, the 2 tire Navigator model seems better equip. The reason for this is that naturally your 3 year old weighs more than your 15 month old. With one tire, the stroller tends to lean more toward the heavier child when turning. Having two tires distributes the weight and turns more smoothly.

Pros and Cons

  • Having separate canopies in the Navigator also has its advantages. For instance, the sun doesn’t necessarily hit in the same place just because your children are side by side. Maybe one child may have the seat reclined more than the other and have problems with the sun being in his face. You can adjust each canopy to the comfort of each child.
  • Also another big factor with the Navigator is there are 2 child trays. This is a really nice feature.
  • Both models come equip with a MP3 player speakers that have mixed reviews. The sound is not that loud and powerful. Some people don’t really care and don’t use it even though it is there, and others have said what a great feature it is. It is entertaining to their children, especially when they are jogging. At least it is there is you choose to use it. It certainly does not seem to be the deal maker.
  • Both strollers have a large foot rest that has plenty of room for both children. It also makes a good place for your third child to take a little rest on.
  • As for opening and closing, both strollers are very easy to do in that department.
  • They have plenty of storage under the stroller and in back of each seat. The adult cup holders are deep and there is a compartment which can open and close to hold keys or baby wipes.
  • On the downside, these double strollers tend to be heavy and don’t expect to fit through standard doorways with the stroller open. If you are aware of this before you buy, you can learn to make allowances for these few cons. It certainly is not a deal breaker. What can you expect? A double stroller will be double the weight but worth it in the ease of operation and comfort of your children.

Perhaps these strollers were made with the intent of being used outdoors jogging, but we all know how good they are when were on vacation, or just going somewhere where it would be hard to deal with your children running amuck. Baby Trend Double Jogging stroller allow you the advantage of traveling with 2 children with less stress which we all know makes for a better time for all involved.


CISSP Practice Exam


CISSP Practice Exam

Certified Information Systems Security Professional

After you study your text books it is important to test your newly acquired knowledge and see just how well you have absorbed the material. Practice exams….

* Reinforces what you learnt – fill in the gaps of what you missed

* Gets you used to answering questions to build confidence and familiarity

Here are 10 Multiple choice exams questions for you to practice on:


Question 1# – Which risk management methodology uses the exposure factor multiplied by the asset value to determine its outcome?

A. Annualized Loss Expectancy

B. Single Loss Expectancy

C. Annualized Rate of Occurrence

D. Information Risk Management


Question 2# – Which of the following is *NOT* a symmetric key algorithm?

A.) Blowfish

B.) Digital Signature Standard (DSS)

C.) Triple DES (3DES)

D.) RC5


Question 3# – Related to information security, availability is the opposite of which of the following?

A. Delegation

B. Distribution

C. Documentation

D. Destruction


Question 4# – Why should organizations enforce separation of duties?

A. It ensures compliance with federal union rules

B. It helps verify that all employees know their job tasks

C. It provides for a better work environment

D. It encourages collusion

E. It is considered valuable in deterring fraud


Question 5# – Which of the following is most concerned with personnel security?

A. Management controls

B. Operational controls

C. Technical controls

D. Human resources controls.


Question 6# – Which one of the following devices might be used to commit telecommunications fraud using the “shoulder surfing” technique?

A. Magnetic stripe copier

B. Tone generator

C. Tone recorder

D. Video recorder


Question 7# – What are database views used for?

A. To ensure referential integrity.

B. To allow easier access to data in a database.

C. To restrict user access to data in a database.

D. To provide audit trails.


Question 8# – Which of the following services is not provided by the digital signature standard (DSS)?

A.) Encryption

B.) Integrity

C.) Digital signature

D.) Authentication


Question 9# – Which one of the following describes a covert timing channel?

A. Modulated to carry an unintended information signal that can only be detected by special, sensitive receivers.

B. Used by a supervisor to monitor the productivity of a user without their knowledge.

C. Provides the timing trigger to activate a malicious program disguised as a legitimate function.

D. Allows one process to signal information to another by modulating its own use of system resources.


Question 10# – Valuable paper insurance coverage does not cover damage to which of the following?

A.) Inscribed, printed and written documents

B.) Manuscripts

C.) Records

D.) Money and Securities



Question 1# – Correct Answers: B

Question 2# – Correct Answers: B

Question 3# – Correct Answers: D

Question 4# – Correct Answers: E

Question 5# – Correct Answers: B

Question 6# – Correct Answers: C

Question 7# – Correct Answers: C

Question 8# – Correct Answers: A

Question 9# – Correct Answers: D

Question 10# – Correct Answers: D



What Kinds Of Software Testing Should Be Considered


Black box testing – This kind of Testing is not based on any knowledge of internal design or coding. These Tests are based on requirements and functionality.

White box testing – This is based on knowledge of the internal logic of an application’s code. Tests are based on coverage of code statements, branches, paths, conditions.

Unit testing – the most ‘micro’ scale of testing; to test particular functions or code modules. This is typically done by the programmer and not by testers, as it requires detailed knowledge of the internal program, design and code. Not always easily done unless the application has a well-designed architecture with tight code; may require developing test driver modules or test harnesses.

Incremental integration testing – continuous testing of an application when new functionality is added; requires that various aspects of an application’s functionality be independent enough to work separately before all parts of the program are completed, or that test drivers be developed as needed; done by programmers or by testers.

Integration testing – testing of combined parts of an application to determine if they functioning together correctly. The ‘parts’ can be code modules, individual applications, client and server applications on a network, etc. This type of testing is especially relevant to client/server and distributed systems.

Functional testing – this testing is geared to functional requirements of an application; this type of testing should be done by testers. This doesn’t mean that the programmers shouldn’t check that their code works before releasing it (which of course applies to any stage of testing.)

System testing – this is based on the overall requirements specifications; covers all the combined parts of a system.

End-to-end testing – this is similar to system testing; involves testing of a complete application environment in a situation that imitate real-world use, such as interacting with a database, using network communications, or interacting with other hardware, applications, or systems.

Sanity testing or smoke testing – typically this is an initial testing to determine whether a new software version is performing well enough to accept it for a major testing effort. For example, if the new software is crashing systems in every 5 minutes, making down the systems to crawl or corrupting databases, the software may not be in a normal condition to warrant further testing in its current state.

Regression testing – this is re-testing after bug fixes or modifications of the software. It is difficult to determine how much re-testing is needed, especially at the end of the development cycle. Automated testing tools are very useful for this type of testing.

Acceptance testing – this can be said as a final testing and this was done based on specifications of the end-user or customer, or based on use by end-users/customers over some limited period of time.

Load testing – this is nothing but testing an application under heavy loads, such as testing a web site under a range of loads to determine at what point the system’s response time degrades or fails.

Stress testing – the term often used interchangeably with ‘load’ and ‘performance’ testing. Also used to describe such tests as system functional testing while under unusually heavy loads, heavy repetition of certain actions or inputs, input of large numerical values, large complex queries to a database system, etc.

Performance testing – the term often used interchangeably with ‘stress’ and ‘load’ testing. Ideally ‘performance’ testing is defined in requirements documentation or QA or Test Plans.

Usability testing – this testing is done for ‘user-friendliness’. Clearly this is subjective, and will depend on the targeted end-user or customer. User interviews, surveys, video recording of user sessions, and other techniques can be used. Programmers and testers are usually not suited as usability testers.

Compatibility testing – testing how well the software performs in a particular hardware/software/operating system/network/etc. environment.

User acceptance testing – determining if software is satisfactory to a end-user or a customer.

Comparison testing – comparing software weaknesses and strengths to other competing products.

Alpha testing – testing an application when development is nearing completion; minor design changes may still be made as a result of such testing. This is typically done by end-users or others, but not by the programmers or testers.

Beta testing – testing when development and testing are essentially completed and final bugs and problems need to be found before final release. This is typically done by end-users or others, not by programmers or testers.

Mutation testing – a method for determining a set of test data or test cases is useful or not, by intentionally introducing various code changes (‘bugs’) and retesting with the original test data/cases to determine if the ‘bugs’ are detected.


Search Engine Optimizer (SEO) – Proposed Scope of Work to Use in Hiring an SEO


Are you planning on hiring an SEO but have no idea of how to properly choose one? Here is a proposed Scope of Work that will allow you to engage them in intelligent questions to understand what they will do for your website.


  1. Improve website visibility on major search engines to improve traffic
  2. Improve website optimization
  3. Improve conversions to their website
  4. To appear in Top 10 rankings on Top 3 search engines in their new market (Google, Yahoo and MSN)
  5. Generate leads from natural search traffic
  6. Drive an increased volume of visitors
  7. Build sustainable long term natural search rankings
  8. Maximize natural search brand visibility
  9. Improve Social Marketing Optimization


  1. Am I in a niche market or a highly competitive market and what that means
  2. Competitiveness of keywords and real expectations of getting top/first page results
  3. Lack of rankings on search engines, where you are at and where can you go
  4. Un-optimized page titles, tags and copy, what is your current SEO situation
  5. Low link popularity, no page rank, how to build back links
  6. Site Design
  7. Technical issues surrounding website coding, excessive use of java or frames, lack of CSS and use of tables
  8. Mobile Web compatibility and Social Marketing Optimization


  1. Perform an initial site audit to understand the issues the site is facing
  2. Perform a competitive website study and work out a unique search engine optimization and placement strategy to achieve top rankings for the web site
  3. Extensively research keyword phrases, and identify and analyze popular keywords for your website that are most relevant to your specific market demographics that could drive targeted traffic
  4. Review the site’s pages and decided which ones are best for SEO
  5. Work with you to choose which keyword phrases belong on which pages of your site based upon what you know about your product, service or brand
  6. Make site architecture recommendations to ensure that the most important pages of the site would receive the internal link popularity they deserved
  7. Optimize the content of your website in a manner that make it keyword rich as well as easy-to-understand – descriptive language that speaks to your target audience
  8. Optimize each page’s Title and Meta description, Header tags for your targeted keyword phrases, each page will be different specific to the keywords targeted.
  9. Set up Google Analytics and started tracking traffic and conversions on your website


Blocked Sinus – 4 Ways To Clear It Naturally


Blocked sinus can be a frustrating and irritating condition. It may cause difficulty in eating or sleeping. Blocked sinus can lead to a sinus headache and even equilibrium problems when the blockage reaches the ear. While some prescription medications may provide some relief, natural home remedies can be effective in clearing a blocked sinus. The latter do not have any ill side effects, are non-habit forming and can be used as often as needed.

Here are 4 natural ways to clear a blocked sinus from the comfort of your home.

1. Increase humidity

Most sinus blockages and infections occur in the winter months. This is the time of year when heating is on and the doors and windows are closed, making the inside air very dry.

The easiest fix to this problem is to increase humidity in the air. You can use a whole-house humidifier that attaches to your furnace. If that is not an option you can use small room-sized humidifiers throughout the house. These are inexpensive and can greatly improve humidity levels. Be sure to keep the water filled and clean the containers often to avoid bacteria and mold build up.

Alternatively, boil a large pot of water on the stove. The vapor from the boiling water adds humidity to the air. Another quick fix is to sit in the bathroom with the hot shower running for 20 minutes or so.

2. Nasal irrigation

This is a method of running sterile water into the nose. You can buy a small irrigation pot from a health food store and follow the package directions. If you need something a little more portable try using a saline nasal spray. Nasal irrigation works by cleaning the nasal passages and sinus cavities of mucus and thereby, assisting the natural cleaning system of your nasal passages.

3. Warm compress

A wet towel or washcloth can be heated and placed on the face, over the nose and sinuses. This will help clear the sinus cavities by loosening the mucus so that it will drain out more easily. You can purchase warm compress that can be heated in the microwave, from health food stores or pharmacies.

4. Eucalyptus or menthol

Eucalyptus or menthol oil can be used in a steam inhalation to relieve nasal and sinus congestion, in draining mucus and relieving pressure. Menthol is derived from peppermint. It is a natural anesthetic, germicidal and the vapors are an incredible decongestant. Eucalyptus oil is a powerful antiseptic with antibacterial properties. To create an eucalyptus steam inhalation, pour some boiling water into a bowl and add 3 drops of eucalyptus oil. Look down, with your head over the bowl. Cover your head and bowl with a towel. Close your eyes and inhale the steam slowly for 10 minutes.

You can also put a few drops of eucalyptus on a handkerchief and sniff periodically.

Each of these natural remedies can be used alone or in combination with each other to relieve your blocked sinus. They do not cause complications or harmful effects even if used in conjunction with drug medications.


How To Build An Ultralight Trike


So many people postpone their dream to fly because of lack of time or money. If you knew that for few thousand dollars, few months and a lot of fun you could have your own ultralight airplane, would you still postpone?

Building an ultralight trike yourself is one of the most exciting, yet pretty achievable things you can do to achieve your dream. If you think you need a master’s degree in engineering and construction genius, you are wrong. People like me and you build ultralight trikes every day. And yes, they fly on them!

So how do you go?

Purchase Construction Plans

You can purchase plans online even in download able format. The prices rare exceed few hundreds (and often are under $100), but the plans contain everything you need.

Preferably, get plans with full size drawings to you can avoid inaccuracies in resizing. Make sure that the plans contain a complete list of materials and sources so you an save time looking around.

You can also use a partial kit

Some companies offer partial trial kits. This is an excellent way to gain some experience and expertise and later decide if you want to purchase the kit or just continue building only by the plans. The trial kits of course are much cheaper than the complete ones and take less time to be built. Most companies also provide free phone support.

What kind of airplane to build?

This article is called “How To Build An Ultralight Trike” because I believe the ultralight trikes are the best beginning for starters. They are much simpler and faster to complete than the fixed wing airplanes. Finally, the kits and the materials for them are much cheaper.

How much time is it going to take?

For someone with skillful hands building an ultralight trike from scratch will take 1500 – 2000 hours. Count 2500 if you are not that good in working with tools.

If you want to do things faster, just purchase a kit. With a good kit you’ll build your ultralight trike for 250 – 300 hours.

Just don’t let bias to keep you away from your dream. Building an ultralight airplane yourself is not only possible, it is fun.


Working With Freelancers: Keys To Making It Great


Working with a freelancer or two on a larger project can be great for both companies and freelancers. Freelancers get to work from home, and they still make a sizable income. Companies are not required to pay out benefits, technically they do not hire the person, and they can enjoy the skills that the freelancer has to offer, something that they might not be able to find nearby.

Working with a freelancer can also be a bit stressful, depending on the freelancer. Keeping an eye out for these five things, and making sure that they happen, will make working with any freelancer great.


Before working with a freelancer, it’s always a good idea to make sure they are dependable. If they do not have any reviews, providing them with a short interview with a deadline will give an idea as to whether they will have work submitted on time. If a freelancer cannot meet the deadline of an interview, they more than likely cannot meet the deadline when work is due.

Communication should also be dependable. A freelancer should be able to be reached at least once a day, if not more. After all, most freelancers work from home, and it only takes a few seconds to send back a message on apps.

Willing to Learn

Every freelancer should be willing to learn something new. If a freelancer is too set in their ways, they will not be flexible enough to handle the many changes that can happen in the workplace, which can easily make it difficult to work with them.

Make sure that freelancers are willing to learn a new thing or two by asking them to login to the workplace apps that are being used. If they insist on using something they are already familiar with instead of taking the time to learn about new workplace communication apps, this is not a good sign, and it may be best to go with another professional.

Pay on Time

Freelancers can be a bit finicky when it comes to working with a company that is not dependable, just like companies do not want to work with a freelancer that is not dependable. By paying on time, responding quickly to messages on workplace communications apps and being there to help them learn new things, companies are laying down the foundation that it takes to build a long-term working relationship with a great freelancer.


Freelancers may not have a long list of reviews, but that does not mean that they do not have the experience necessary for the job. Without reviews it can be hard to check, but not impossible. Simply asking a freelancer for examples of blogs that they have written for previous jobs can help decide whether they have the experience for the job in question.


Communication is vital to make sure that work runs smoothly. If a freelancer is sick, or has a family emergency, they need to make sure to discuss that with the person that they are working for. Make sure that freelancers know how to use workplace communication apps, and then wait to see what happens.

If a message is sent to the freelancer and they do not respond, this is a tell-tale sign of what will happen in the future. By making sure that they know how to use workplace apps, business owners have already done their part. Then, it is up to the freelancer to make sure that they send a message when they will not be able to meet a deadline, etc.

Working with freelancers can be highly beneficial to companies across the world. Keeping these five things in mind will guarantee that things run smoothly, and that companies are able to form a long-lasting relationship with the perfect freelancer.


Use The Xbox to Learn Piano Or Keyboard As Well As Your Games Console And Get The Most Out Of It


Although the Xbox has been mainly used for gaming, because of its connectivity to the internet it can be used for so much more these days including learning to play piano or keyboard.

Most people have their game consoles set up in their spare room or study room, and this is the room where people chill out after a long day at the office, so it’s a perfect area to set up a piano or keyboard.

The Xbox is a fantastic gaming console, and is very popular with both the younger generation and adults.

There are so many features to the Xbox, including, being able to connect it to your iPod, to play music, play audio devices streamed from your PC for example films, music videos photos and mp3 files.

You can also play games through the internet for free.

There are many more educational products available now too, so why not use it to learn how to play piano or keyboard yourself?

With modern technology being developed all the time, and new features coming out it is becoming increasingly popular to be able to learn via consoles as well as being able to have lots of fun whilst doing it!

With all consoles being connected to the internet and the fact that most things you can do over the web these days, even learning how to play the piano and keyboard is possible, and works brilliantly, as you are able to access your tutorials through the game console via the internet.

Although the Xbox is known for being most popular for playing games, which both children and adults love to do, it is also a good way of promoting learning over the internet and in the near future technology will be so far developed even part of schooling will be done in this way I would imagine.

A study recently conducted was on how to try to channel children’s energy into learning, and to develop their skills but using something they are familiar with and love to do as a hobby.

It was also discussed with children and adults with learning difficulties that can’t necessarily sit still or learn in a normal school or college environment, but they can learn visually and practically.

So by channeling this into game consoles it is a fantastic way of encouraging children and adults to take a break from playing games and get them to learn piano or keyboard, especially as it’s on a piece of equipment that they like to use.

Online piano and keyboard tutorials are now becoming more and more developed and music is known to channel energy into something positive, so it’s becoming increasingly popular for parents to encourage their children to take up a musical instrument such as the piano or keyboard and to learn whilst getting great enjoyment out of it.

It still be seen as playing on their game console, but at the same time they are learning something that will be rewarding for the rest of their life.


C# HashSet Advantages


A Set data structure was finally added to C# in the .NET Framework 3.5. It is a powerful data structure that makes life a little easier for programmers…

The C# Set is called a HashSet. It is modeled after a math set, meaning that elements must be unique. In other words a Set guarantees that there are no duplicate elements.

Now why create a Set data structure in C# when one could simply check a list before adding an element to see if it already exists? The answer: it is because searching a run-of-the-mill list is slow. A HashSet is fundamentally designed to allow fast searches, making inserts faster.

There are different implementations of Sets. Some make insertion and lookup operations super fast by hashing elements. However that means that the order in which the elements were added is lost. Other implementations preserve the added order at the cost of slower running times.

The HashSet class in C# goes for the second approach, thus preserving the order of elements. It is still much faster than a regular List. Some basic benchmarks showed that HashSet is decently faster when dealing with primary types (int, double, bool, etc.). It is a lot faster when working class objects. So that point is that HashSet is fast.

The only catch of HashSet is that there is no access by indices. To access elements you can either use an enumerator or use the built-in function to convert the HashSet into a List and iterate through that.


Jewelry in Professional Sports


Have you ever wondered what kind of jewelry an athlete is allowed to wear on the field? Like is a pitcher player allowed to wear a men’s wedding ring on the on the mound? Or is a hockey player allowed to wear a necklace? Here is a brief rundown on what professional athletes are allowed to wear in the four major sports.


Since most of the a players body is covered on the ice (save the neck and face) by their uniform, skates, socks, gloves and helmet, the NHL does not have any rules pertaining to what type of jewelry can be worn during the game. Since it’s a high impact sport, players are apt not to wear any type of earrings or rings during the games. As for necklaces, as long as they don’t appear outside of the jersey they are allowed.


If there is one sport that is hyper critical of what a player wears on the field, it is the NFL (or as some fans have dubbed it the “No Fun League”). Not only can you get penalized for excessive celebration on the field, but also for wearing non- sanctioned socks or shoes. And the rules begin from the time someone hits the field for pre-game practice all the way to the time they leave the stadium. Rules are even enforced during post game interviews! Ironically, though, the NFL does not have excessive rules on what kind of jewelry can be worn on the field. Since hands are primarily used for catching and blocking, rings are generally not worn as they could affect the catching or throwing of a ball. Necklaces and ear rings, on the other hand, are worn, as long as they are within reason. Bracelets, on the other hand, must be covered at all time. Did I mention that officials review the entire game afterwards to make sure (once again) that no one broke uniform rules during the game? Wow.


In the past few years the commissioner’s office has begun to come down hard on NBA players with a new dress code that has limited what a player could wear before and after a game. This is extended to the court where NBA players are not allowed to wear any type of jewelry. This means earrings; bracelets, rings and necklaces are all no-no’s. The only accessories allowed on the court are knee and elbow braces, headbands and, of course, tattoos.


Major League Baseball, on the other hand, seems to have a very liberal policy when it comes to jewelry. Essentially you can wear any type of jewelry unless it’s deemed by an umpire as “distracting” or can interfere with the game. In other words, pitchers can’t wear rings as they might scuff the ball and no giant mirrored necklaces that might distract the batter from the ball (not that anyone is thinking of wearing it, but you get the idea).

Seems most sports don’t allow for jewelry, not even mens wedding rings, so what’s a guy to do? Keep that ring somewhere safe until the game is over!