How to Get Pregnant After Vasectomy – The Secret Exposed


Has the wife or the partner been lately asking how to get pregnant after vasectomy? And has this question been bugging you because it was you who opted for vasectomy? Do not worry because there might still be hope. But all that later – first let us find out how pregnancy occurs naturally and how vasectomy affects or stops this. When the couple has successfully engaged in sex, the sperm enters the woman from the vagina and then goes on to penetrate the egg and this is when fertilization happens. This leads to pregnancy. But there are many ifs and buts in this – for example if the man has poor quality sperm, then fertilization become very difficult.

Who are the people who opt for vasectomy? These are the men who want to enjoy sex and yet, do not want a baby. This is actually a surgical process in which the tubes that carry the semen of the man is either cut off or it is tied up and as a result of this, the sperm cannot move from the testes and make his partner pregnant. Because of this process, you may call this process scientific castration. But there can be cases when there is a renewed interest in having a baby and so, the couple begins to wish for one and gets frustrated because the man has undergone the vasectomy surgery. Thus the partner begins to ask – how to get pregnant after vasectomy?

But the good news is, not all is lost. There are still ways in which the couple can have a baby and it is these ways that we are discussing here.

o Luckily (in these cases at least), vasectomy is yet to become an absolutely faultless process and so keep trying. There is still a chance that the man may be able to impregnate the woman. Yes it is possible that the sperm’s supply may not have been entirely cut off. But before doing so, you may want to go in for a sperm analysis to find out whether everything else seems to be all right or not, because the sperm’s quality may also suffer after vasectomy which we will go into later.

o The process of vasectomy can also be reversed and this is known aptly as reverse vasectomy. But this is a more complicated surgery than vasectomy itself (and less successful as well) and it is also costly. Further it is also not covered by insurance. In this, the tube that carries the sperm from the testes is re-connected but this can happen only when the tube was tied up and not when it was cut off. However technically this remains a possibility and when done successfully, it can allow the man to impregnate the woman because the sperm can again travel to fertilize the egg within the vagina. But vasectomy also tends to affect the quality of the sperm. What happens is that after a person has gone for vasectomy, the immunity of the body begins to fight the sperm and develops anti-bodies against the sperm, and this is not good news. Thus the need to analyze the sperm’s quality.

o There are other options too and they involve assisted methodologies such as ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection) and IVF (In-vitro Fertilization). In these processes, the sperm is collected from the male and the egg from the woman and the embryologist completed the fertilization in the lab in a test tube. If a person has opted for vasectomy, the sperm may be collected from the testes and the embryologist will need just 1 good sperm, and it can still work out. There’s yet another option for the couple and this is to approach a sperm bank for donor sperms.

Opting for conventional treatments for infertility is a common practice among many, but most of them do not know that these treatments have a poor success rate and that, they often come with harmful side effects. The conventional approach promotes assisted technologies without trying to find out the real problem. On the other hand holistic remedies do just this at the beginning. And once the real problem has been identified, the right remedy can be suggested that can be Chinese medicines, herbs, exercise, diet and lifestyle changes and acupuncture. So before asking how to get pregnant after vasectomy, it is always advisable that you enhance your chances of a successful pregnancy by opting for holistic treatments. This is sure to work out.


Why is it That Men Who Are "Uncut" (Uncircumcised) Typically Have Bigger Penises?


Men who have not been circumcised typically have larger penises than men who have been circumcised. What is the reason for this?

Circumcision is a surgical process usually performed when the male is in his infancy. It removes the foreskin from his penis. It is a traumatic process for the infant and some researchers believe that it creates deep-based psychological fears, as the male is so young.

When the foreskin is surgically removed it creates scarring and scar tissue. If a circumcised male looks at his penis he can usually see the scarring between the shaft of the penis where it meets the corona (the corona is at the base or back of the head of the penis). The scarring is usually visible because the skin will have a different color than the rest of the penis.

This scarring damages the tissues in this area of the penis and will impede penis length on erection. Because this is done in infancy (usually) and before puberty, this will affect the size of the penis when it gets its growth spurt during adolescence.

An Australian scientific study measured 158 men for penis length. They compared circumcised and uncircumcised men. They found that the average penis length in circumcised men was 5% less than non-circumcised men. This, of course, is the average. Some men lost less and some men lost more of their size. It’s also worth noting the research of Dr. John Taylor who revealed that 51% of an infant’s penile skin is removed with circumcision.

But affecting penis size isn’t the only problem with circumcision. The foreskin is rich in sensory nerve endings and is one of the main areas of the penis that increases a man’s sexual pleasure. When it is removed this decreases the sexual pleasure a man will feel during intercourse. The foreskin is also rich in tactile nerve endings, like those found in the fingertips that can perceive very fine sensations through feeling. With removal of the foreskin, the male loses this very fine touch sensation in his penis. This is important because he won’t be able to “feel” the vagina with his penis.

The scarring of the penis cannot be reversed, unfortunately, but there are methods of natural penis enlargement that can help increase a man’s size if he was robbed of it through this surgical procedure. There are also methods of increasing the sensitivity and sensation-ability of the penis. To learn about some of these methods, read IRON MAN PENIS – THE RUSSIAN SYSTEM.


Georg von Neumann


How To Flavor Your Penis So That Your Penis Tastes and Smells Like Chocolate – Women Will Love It!


Yes, it is possible to flavor your penis. In fact, you can flavor it for just about any flavor you desire. However, chocolate seems to get the most responsive reactions from women. It will also work as a nifty Valentine’s Day present that your girl will love if she has a cool personality. This mechanism enables long-lasting flavor through sexual intercourse and fellatio.

DISCLAIMER NOTICE: Do not try anything listed in this article until you have shared this information and discussed this information, one-on-one, with your medical doctor and your doctor has given you full permission to carry out this process.

This is going to feel like an episode from that old PBS TV show ZOOM!

This takes time, is complicated, and isn’t cheap. However, if used properly, with the right woman, it has incredible results that are unobtainable in any other manner! This is truly one of the most mind-blowing things you can ever do with the right woman.

This process of penis flavoring is based on an endogenous mechanism. Meaning, that the flavor originates from within the man’s body. It is not an exogenous (originating from outside of the body) mechanism, like spraying something like chocolate-scented perfume on your penis, for example.

Following these directions will make your penis, testicles, and surrounding pelvic area taste and smell like chocolate.

You will need:

1) One, 48 ounce Bottle of Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup (Or something similar – It must be sweetened)

2) One, One-Half Gallon of Sweetened Soy Milk (Silk Original Organic Soy Milk works great) – Do Not Use Cow’s Milk

3) Vanilla Extract (small bottle)

4) Chocolate Oil (Flavoring) – A small bottle of chocolate oil. You can find this in grocery stores and even organic grocery stores. It can also be found in stores which sell baking supplies and candy supplies.

5) One, Single Bunch of Celery (about ten stalks)

6) Some Small Towels

7) Three Non-Lubricated and Non-Scented Latex Condoms (the looser fitting the better)


8) Some Saran Wrap or Comparable

9) Blender

10) Fluid thermometer

11) Roll of paper towels

12) A Container that holds more than a half-gallon of fluid that you can put in the refrigerator if your blender won’t hold up to a gallon of fluid.

The Hershey’s (or comparable) Chocolate Syrup is absolutely necessary. The vanilla extract is optional but seems to accentuate the chocolate taste and smell. Chocolate oil can be optional, too, especially if you have difficulty finding it, but your results will work much better with the chocolate oil than without it. The soy milk is optional, too, and water can be utilized instead. However, the penis flavoring will not be as intense,as the chocolate flavor seems to bind better with the soy milk and enhances the sweetness of the overall flavoring and scent. Cow’s milk tends to make the penile flavor a little sour, so don’t use cow’s milk. The celery is optional, too, but you will have much better results if you eat some celery, as celery is a natural vasodilator and will help in the flavoring process.

To Chocolate Flavor Your Penis for Saturday Night:

Here’s how it works. Let’s start on a Wednesday. For two days, stop ingesting anything that is fried or processed. Keep away from anything with a strong aroma (like fish). Do not eat any meat products (especially fish). Keep away from spicy and strong foods and stay far away from strong flavor enhancers, such as soy sauce. Drink lots and lots of water. No booze, beer, coffee, or sodas. Stick with fruits and vegetables that are not very aromatic (no lemons, for example) for your diet for these two days. Grains are good. If you eat bread, ensure the bread does not contain yeast. Nuts are good, too, but try to avoid roasted and/or salted nuts. Again, drink lots and lots of water.

Try your best to be active and sweat as much as possible during these two days. Workout, take a hot sauna, sit in a hot tub (yes, one sweats in a hot tub), take hot showers… Sweat as much as possible!

Try to eat three celery stalks each day. One in the morning, noon, and night.

NOTE: These two prep days can be optional. However, your results will be severely compromised (especially if you don’t sweat) if you do so. You can amplify the chocolate-flavor results if you prep (the same way) for more than two days!

After two days we arrive to Friday. Your last meal should be around 12:00 PM, eat a decent breakfast and lunch and stick with the dietary recommendations we already outlined. You will now fast (that means no eating) for the rest of the day and evening except for having three stalks of celery for the rest of the day and evening. If you have to eat something, eat something bland with almost no flavor.

Try not to drink much of anything, including water from noon until you fall asleep. Absolutely no beer, booze, coffee, or sodas.

Wake up Saturday morning at least by 9:00 AM. Plan on staying indoors for the day and staying cool with little physical activity. Eat a stalk of celery. Don’t drink anything or eat anything else unless you can’t stand it.

Take a hot shower and use soap, especially in your genital region. After using soap, scrub your genital area down with a soapless washcloth or small brush, this includes your penis and testicles. Try to ensure that you wash all the soap away from your genital region. Dry off completely – 100%! Sit around for about ten minutes to let your body re-equilibrate to normal temperatures. Use clean underwear and dress in loose-fitting clothes that are free of cologne and that sort of thing.


At 10:00 AM, get your blender, add the soy milk and all of the 48-ounce bottle of sweetened chocolate syrup in the blender. Add a capful of vanilla extract. Add ten drops of chocolate oil. Mix this vigorously for at least two to three minutes (again, in the blender). This will make about eight to nine, eight-ounce glasses of chocolate-flavored soy milk. Remember, continue to fast, apart from the celery, and don’t drink ANYTHING else apart from the chocolate-flavored milk, unless you are going to pass out and can’t take it.

Drink one glass of this milk immediately. Place the remainder in the refrigerator.

Drink another glass at 11:00 AM. Mix, again, in the blender if you can.

Drink a third glass at 12:00 PM and eat a stalk of celery. Mix, again, in the blender if you can (don’t blend the celery).

Drink a fourth glass at 1:00 PM. Mix, again, in the blender if you can.

Drink a fifth glass at 2:00 PM and eat a stalk of celery. Mix, again, in the blender if you can.

At 3:00 PM, place one of your small towels in a pot of water and heat it on the stove to 95-degrees Fahrenheit using a fluid thermometer. This is about half of water’s boiling point but isn’t hot enough to scald the skin. WARNING – Do not heat to more than 95-degrees Fahrenheit!

Create a semi-hard erection (75% erect) and slip on a non-lubricated, non-scented latex condom that will work better if it is very loose-fitting. This originally was developed using Saran Wrap to loosely wrap the penis. However, people are concerned with off-gasing and poisons that might leach out if you utilize Saran Wrap. Saran Wrap is much easier to use and works much, much, much better than a condom, however, it’s your call. If this is a concern of yours, utilize the latex condoms and get the largest possible size to fit as loosely as possible! The loose-fittingness is very important. Now wrap a layer of paper towels so that your penis is covered at least three times. Drape some Saran Wrap around your testicles and inner thighs so that the skin is covered in these areas (Again, if you are concerned about Saran Wrap toxicity, then use some alternative that is safe, such as polyethylene). Add a layer or two of paper towels on top of the Saran Wrap (or comparable non-toxic plastic wrap).

Remove the towel from the hot water and wring it out so that it still has water saturation, but doesn’t really drip all over the place. Wrap it around your ankle or forearm to get a feeling for whether or not you can stand the temperature. If it is acceptable, wrap the towel around your penis so that it wraps around at least three or four times. Tuck the towel over the penis head so the entire penis is insulated. Make sure it is nice and snug, but not choking your penis.

Carefully drape the towel over your testicular region and carefully monitor if it is too hot or not. Be careful and notice if the temperature is too high or not!

Safety Test: Wait a minute or so and remove the towels and condom (or Saran Wrap). Your penis should be slightly red with no evidence of scalding or burning. If these temperatures seem acceptable for you, rewrap your penis and testicular areas with the same condom (or Saran Wrap). Reheat the towels in the water at 95-degrees Fahrenheit, wring the towels out as we did previously, and wrap your penis again and cover your testicular area with the towels. Sitting or laying down is acceptable. You can add another hot towel (or even dry) over the entire region, if you wish, for extra insulation. Close your legs and tuck your abdomen (within comfortable reason). Don’t move around. After five minutes, remove the towels and condom (or Saran Wrap or comparable). Gently towel down your penis, testicular, and involved areas with a dry towel – 100%. The areas will be moist. Let your penis and pelvic region re-equilibrate to their normal temperatures. Get dressed again.

Drink a sixth glass at 3:00 PM. Mix again in the blender if you can.

Drink a seventh glass at 4:00 PM and eat a stalk of celery. Mix the chocolate milk, again, in the blender if you can.

After drinking, repeat the condom (or Saran Wrap), paper towel, and hot/moist towel process, again, for five minutes of coverage.

Drink an eighth and final glass (or whatever is left) at 5:00 PM. Mix again in the blender if you can before consuming.

At 6:00 PM repeat the condom (or Saran Wrap), paper towel, and hot/moist towel process, again, for TEN MINUTES this time. Gently towel down your genital region when you are finished. Re-equilibrate your pelvic/penis region to normal temperatures (about ten minutes). Get dressed.

Your penis will now smell and taste like chocolate. Don’t take a shower and DON’T spray any type of cologne or anything like that around your genital region. When you get dressed up to go out that night, ensure that you are NOT wearing any pants, underwear, or shirts that have any type of cologne (or similar substances) on them.

Try not to go out dancing or do anything athletic. If you do, your entire body will smell slightly chocolaty and will reduce the impact of just having your genitals having this smell/flavor. Don’t go out and eat all kinds of crap food, especially if it is spicy, strong, or aromatic. Stick to drinking water for the night. No booze, beer, coffee, or sodas.

Some more notes: Be extra careful with applying the hot towels! Skin temperature is about 90-degrees Fahrenheit, so 95 degrees (which will be reduced a bit after wringing and applying) should be enough to stimulate a good sweat without burning you. However, everyone is different and some people may be more temperature sensitive than others, so PLAY IT SAFE AND TEST YOURSELF FULLY BEFORE FULLY WRAPPING AND PROCEEDING.

The chocolate milk will be strong (in taste), but shouldn’t be too potent. Increasing the amount of chocolate flavorings will increase the chocolate taste in your penis. It all depends on what level you can tolerate to drink. Obviously, the more chocolated fluid you can drink, and the more chocolated that fluid is, will result in a more chocolaty penis.

Good luck!

The process that allows a man to flavor his penis is based on the sweating mechanism of the male body. As you may be aware, for example, that if someone indulges in large amounts of garlic, when they start to sweat copiously, the garlic will be passed through their sweat glands to be released onto the skin. If you smell the skin of someone who eats copious amounts of garlic and who is sweating, their skin will smell like garlic. If you taste their skin, it will also taste like garlic.

Thankfully, the majority of the penis has sweat glands and does, indeed, sweat. However, the glans (head) has very few sweat glands. The regions around the penis, including the testicles, also have sweat glands. So, it is possible to flavor the entire region, apart from the penile head.

Now, here is the BEST part! As the interior of the mouth and vagina are hotter than the exterior of the penis, and due to the increased heat being generated through friction of fellatio and during sexual intercourse, the penis will sweat during these acts.

This means that the smell and flavor of the chocolate will continue through sexual intercourse and during fellatio, however, it will grow (in smell and flavor) during these acts! That is, of course, until the “flavoring” is eliminated from the body.

The sweating mechanism (apart from the apcorine sweat glands) are constantly “reloaded” (by the body), so the sweating mechanism is continual (until the body becomes too dehydrated). What happens is the capillary-rich bulbs of the sweat glands absorb fluid from the blood to convert into sweat. These bulbs continually pull fluid from the blood, endlessly, except when the body becomes too dehydrated.

So, this is why the chocolate flavor will continue to appear in the penis (and surrounding areas), even through hours of sex (again, until the “flavoring” is eliminated or broken down by the body).

Bon Appetit!

Georg von Neumann


The Truth Behind the PS3 3 Beeps


Your PS3 beeps 3 times when it’s turning on? It then freezes black and flashes the red power light? Many PS3 players complain about this problem, though Sony seems to be denying the existence of it. In this article, we are going to talk about the causes of PS3 3 beeps, and how to solve this problem quickly and effectively.

99.9% of the time, PS3 beeping is a heat sync problem. It means your CPU and GPU are overheated for long hours of work, poor ventilation of the console, or other reasons. The excess level of heat causes loosening the CPU and GPU. Therefore your CPU and GPU need to be re-seated.

However, before you do anything to fix PS3 three beeps, you should first try the following basic steps. Because there are chances you can easily fix this problem by them. Please Do Try.

1. Turn off the PS3 for more than twenty minutes, and then boot it up.

2. Unplug all cables, and plug them back in. Make sure they are connected correctly and firmly at both ends.

3. If that didn’t work, then try to take out the hard-drive, and put it back in. Chances are this will not fix the problem but about 1% of the time it will due to the HD being connected securely.

For the most part, your PS3 still beeps 3 times after these efforts. That means you have to re-seat the CPU and GPU to fix the problem. In this case, I do recommend that you send your console to Sony repair service center, if your PS3 is still under warranty.

But for those whose console is out of warranty, I suggest they fix PS3 beeps by themselves, under the guide of professional repair manual, of course. Because if the warranty expires, one should pay $150 plus tax to Sony for repair the console, and wait 4-6 weeks for the return of PS3. What if the issue persist after all the payment and long-time of waiting?

Therefore, it is wiser to choose a cheaper and quick way to fix PS3 3 beeps. This is to follow a PS3 repair Guide and fix the PS3 beeping problem by yourself. Just for your reference, there is a reputable PS3 repair guide — Rob Sheffield’s PS3 Lights Fix Guide. It is famous on the Internet and proven workable to fix most of the problem of PS3, including PS3 3 beeps.

Read the review of Rob Sheffield’s PS3 Lights Fix Guide below to get more information!


Milk Thistle Cautions You Should Know


Are there any milk thistle cautions which should be reviewed before using it? If this question is knocking your mind then it is a good idea to consult an expert physician or read the cautions from reliable sources. Milk thistle (botanical name is Silybum Marianum) is a reddish- purple flower ridged with sharp spines and has large prickly leaves. This herb is mainly used for making medicine for more than 2,000 years as a liver protectant. The benefits of this medicine are remarkable as it can reduce liver damage and even revitalize a weak liver.

Milk thistle is sold without any prescription which might get you worried about its uses. If you are thinking of having it then you should know about it side affects and cautions. Reports are there that has regarded it as one of the safest herbs available to be used. It is a powerful and effective illness prevention herb that has shown good results in curing liver disorders. While taking any kind of herbal supplement it is always advised to have a view of its cautions or visit your healthcare practitioner prior taking the medicine.

However, while buying this medicine it is highly recommended that you should go through the proper cautions and its uses. It is used as:

· an aid to cure liver disorders and antioxidant

· to strengthen and stimulate liver cells which repugnant toxins from entering the liver cells

Milk thistle has no major side affects except for a possible itching or allergic reactions. Persons thinking of using this herb should restrict if they are suffering from the following ailments

· if you have allergy to this herb or any of its related plant as it is produce from mixing some other herb for an effective result

· if you are suffering from cancer (or have a history of cancer)

· if you have a history of cirrhosis of liver

· any chronic medical condition

· allergies of food or dyes

Some medicine may interact with milk thistle. So, if you have any medical conditions tell your doctor or pharmacist before using this herb medicine. You should have to be extra cautious

· if you are pregnant, breast feeding or planning to become pregnant

· if you are taking nonprescription medicine, dietary supplement or herbal preparation

The best way to use it is by following the directions as directed by your doctor. Check the label on the herb bottle for exact dosing instructions. Dosing depends upon the use of the product and if you miss a dose from one or more days there is nothing to be concerned. But you should take care not to miss a single dose if your doctor s it to take it.

Besides, attention should be drawn that milk thistle extract can also be useful for poisoning. So, you should keep your herbal medicine out of reach from the children. Thus, you should always peruse the proper cautions prior using it.


How to Get Rid of Fleas Naturally


Pet owners dread fleas and if presented with a flea infestation can be terribly confused. The biggest question these days is how to get rid of fleas naturally.

Pet supply stores will sell a number of flea collars. It’s virtually impossible to know which to use and almost impossible to know all of the active chemicals in these collars. When I was young our pets regularly wore an off-white plastic flea collar. We had no idea what the active flea thwarting ingredients were!  These days we wouldn’t consider hanging a “chemical belt” around the necks of our beloved pets nor would we consider letting children near any such thing. Today the chemicals used in many of these major popular brands may be poisoning our pets, and marginalizing our own health at the same time.  So what sort of home remedies for fleas are there?

More and more people are seeking natural or homeopathic alternatives to the issue of dog fleas.  In many cases you can create household flea remedies with ingredients you already have at home. Some of the most commonly used natural dog flea remedies are listed below:

  1. For the adult dogs, you could try an olive oil bath.  Anecdotal evidence suggests that the fleas will drown in the olive oil. Start from the head and work your way back so the fleas don’t move to the face where it’s really hard to pluck them off. You then just shampoo the oil out and the dog fleas wash down the drain. It will take a few shampoos before your dog’s coat feels oil free.
  2. Other people say garlic works wonders to prevent dog fleas. Some users of this solution suggest using a garlic supplement while others use a fresh garlic clove and mix it into the food. Garlic is controversial so check with your vet.
  3. Another solution is the use of household salt. Sprinkle it all over the house and let it sit for a week or more. Apparently fleas don’t seem to like salt. Your dog will lie on the carpet and, in the process, salt will get on his coat. This seems to drive the fleas away as proponents claim that shortly thereafter the fleas will be gone.
  4. Talcum powder has long been known as a natural remedy to treat dog fleas. Using baby powder for fleas is a simple process …  just cover your dog or cat with baby powder and this will smother the fleas. This remedy is often recommended for puppies or kittens that are too young to be treated with any flea chemical. A similar remedy uses baking soda.   As before, start at the head so that the fleas will move towards the back of your pet and eventually off.

There are many natural alternatives to treating/preventing dog fleas. However, with all matters pertaining to the health of our dogs and cats, please check with your doctor about potential side effects.

This article was condensed from an article previously written by the author and can be found at : how to get rid of dog fleas naturally, where you can find more information on pet flea solutions as well as other pet health issues.


Reactive Hypoglycemia – What It Is, How to Feel Better


Often people who have reactive hypoglycemia aren’t even aware of it. They notice that “something” is wrong, but might not be able to get a diagnosis, if they go to a doctor about it at all. Hypoglycemia is difficult to prove, unless your blood sugar can be tested at the time you have symptoms, which is difficult if you don’t have a meter around. Unless you or someone in your family is diabetic, you probably DON’T have a meter around. So how do you know if you’re hypoglycemic?

Here are some symptoms:

-acute hunger, possibly even a painfully empty feeling in your stomach

-feeling very tired or weak suddenly

-shakiness or jitters

-feeling dizzy or faint

-slurring or speaking slowly

-an anxious feeling, maybe even crying

-feeling very hot suddenly

-if sleeping, bad dreams or confusion upon waking

Of course, you should talk to your doctor about this. But some are hesitant to commit to a diagnosis because you won’t often have concrete evidence. However, you can help yourself feel better by taking a few simple measures.

-Figure out when you usually have problems. With reactive hypoglycemia, it’s usually a few hours after a high-carb breakfast, but you might have lows in the afternoon or at night. Try eating more proteins and less sugars/carbs at the meal just before the time of day you usually feel bad. (Doughnuts and pancakes are delicious, but you might need to find a different time of day to enjoy them, in moderation.) And drink more water whenever you can.

-Buy a roll of glucose tablets from a pharmacy or grocery store. They taste like fruit-flavored candy, but get into your bloodstream faster, helping you feel better very quickly. Learn to recognize YOUR symptoms, and pop one in your mouth as soon as you feel “low.” Follow up with a small protein/carb balanced meal, like a peanut butter sandwich, within half an hour.

-Exercise often, and make sure you’ve eaten a BALANCED meal beforehand. Again, keep glucose with you. Exercise WITH someone or exercise where you can get help if you need it. Don’t go off alone.

-If you drink, do so only in moderation. Most women shouldn’t have more than a drink a day. Two is okay for most men.

-If you’re diabetic or have other medical conditions, always follow the advice of a health care provider.

-Don’t stress about it, but do discuss it with your doctor. Reactive hypoglycemia, if handled carefully, rarely leads to or indicates other problems.


Top Jewellery Items a Man Can Wear


Jewellery for men has been getting popularity day by day with its wide range of choices to choose from. There are hundreds of big and reputed jewellery retailers active in the market that design and manufacture top-notch jewellery items specifically for men. And their products are well appreciated amongst all men community. Best of all, these jewellery items are not as expensive comparing with women’s jewellery. And you can make your purchasing even more convenient and affordable by comparing store prices. Let’s discuss the most famous jewellery products for men.

1. Blazer Buttons

A traditional blazer can be enhanced with the inclusion of some stylish buttons conveniently. Silver and gold are the most common button examples while horn and mother of pearl are extra options to choose. Remember, select the plain or fancy button according to the blazer’s look.

2. Wedding bands

The wedding band always looks simple and elegant that is composed of gold, platinum, or silver. Some may include diamonds, rings, and metal touch. This is an extremely important jewellery piece, especially for men. Due to its minimal design and composition, these pieces are usually very affordable as compared more complicated wedding ring. Check these fantastic bands at any recognised price check website, and make your shopping super cheap.

3. Studs & Cufflinks

Shirt stubs and cufflinks are incredible and practical jewellery pieces. The stubs replace the traditional buttons to give the fancier look, and cufflinks replace the buttons at the cuffs. The studs are a famous choice, especially with black tie attire. The metallic and diamond alike cufflinks are perfect for the formal occasions. While on the other hand, novelty design cufflinks are great for daily use.

4. Tie Accents

Tie accents are one of the simplest jewellery items that are helpful in keeping the tie in place. It can comprise of a tie chain or a tie bar. The trendiest design is a simple bar or pin with a metal alike gold or silver. However, you can choose according to your mood from a variety of unique designs.

5. Rings

Rings are available in the largest range of styles and designs including the decorative rings, fraternal rings and class rings, etc. Mostly styles are fully customisable to make it truly unique and astonishing.

The majority of men tend to limit their rings to the maximum of two items like the wedding band and probably a fraternal ring. But, there are some dudes out that love to cover their hand with the different variety of rings. Rings are little expensive jewellery than the above-listed jewellery items but you can compare store prices for your selected retailer on a price check tool online.


15 Facts About Masada – Dead Sea, Israel


Masada, also referred as Metzada, is a mountain top fortress that is located on the western shore of the Dead Sea in Israel. The Fortress includes barracks, storehouses, an armory, palace, cisterns, etc. Masada is a name that is derived from unmetzade, a Hebrew word, that means “stronghold” or “mountain castle”. It is worth disclosing the fact that Masada is considered as one of the greatest symbols of Israel’s ancient kingdom, its brutal destruction and Jewish revolt in the first century A.D. against Rome. Let’s discover some of the vital facts about Masada:

  1. It is located on the top isolated rock on the edges of the Dead Sea valley and the Judean Desert, between Ein Gedi and Sdom.
  2. Masada remained ignored for many centuries and came again in limelight after a famous epic entitled Masada, written by popular Hebrew poet in 1920’s. The epic has invoked the hidden emotions and gave a rousing account of fight.
  3. Masada plateau was naturally fortified and surrounded by deep gorges.
  4. Cliff on the east and west edge of Masada are about 400 m (1300) and 90 m (300) high respectively. Plataea’s top is flat and of rhomboid-shape.
  5. Around the plateau’s top, there was a casemate wall which is 1.3 km long, 3.7 m thick and has many towers.
  6. A Jewish Roman Historian, Herod the Great has fortified Masada in between 37 and 31 BCE to hide himself from the massive revolt.
  7. Sicarii, a group of Jewish rebels, defeated roman troops and defended Masada by taking control over it.
  8. At the end of the first century, Judea’s Roman Governor had decided to take back Masada.
  9. Masada was rediscovered by modern world in mid 19th century BC. Israeli archeologists, Yigael Yadin, in the early 1960’s, began excavating the region. Cable cars were added to the region, in order to make it accessible for tourists. The place is considered as most popular tourist destination in Israel, outside of Jerusalem.
  10. Being considered as one of the most respected Jewish symbols, Israeli soldiers take an oath at this site “Masada shall not fall again”. Oath taken by soldiers of Israeli army is an expression of commitment towards protecting modern Israel state.
  11. Since 2001, Masada has been counted as one of the UNESCO world heritage sites.
  12. On the western side of mountain, an audio-visual light show dramatizing Masada’s history is presented at the night time. Whereas, during winters there is no sound and light show.
  13. Two Mikvahs and Synagogue is considered as two most exciting sites that can be seen in Masada till today.
  14. Summers are usually hot, therefore visitors are not allowed to trek up the mountains during day time. However, it is advised that they can trek in the wee hours of the morning. Bottles of water and hat are two objects that are must to carry with themselves while trekking.
  15. Since 2007, a museum has been opened for the tourists showcasing detailed history of Masada along with some interesting artifacts.
  16. Masada is one of the most popular sites for dead sea tourists.

Masada is a site of fortifications and palaces located in Israel, near the Dead-Sea. It was considered as last stronghold, held by Jewish’s zealots. They refused to surrender to Roman Empire and preferred death to surrender. Now, Masada is well-recognized as tourists’ destinations visited by tourists from around the globe.


Church Marketing – Top 10 Items to Include in Your Church Welcome Packet!


So, you put a marketing plan together, even got a budget that didn’t have “shoestring” associated with it, ran your campaign and guess what? It all came together. People have started to flow into your church. And if you have read my past articles, you are saying that you are done and have done the warm hand off to others as these folks are on their way to becoming regular visitors and perhaps even members. You job is done…..almost!

Let’s face it, marketing’s job is never done, but there is one thing that you should give some thought to before the marketing team’s job is considered done. And that is a good welcome packet.

Why have welcome packets?

A welcome packet can be a marketing tool to provide new visitors information about your church, its’ doctrine or belief’s and some of the ministries or activities that go on there. It gives the guest something to review when they have left the church and have some time to reflect.

There are several objectives of insuring your guests are given a welcome packet when they visit:

* Makes them feel welcome! You want to express your gratitude for allowing you to share and to also indicate that they are welcome to return

* Understand your structure. One of the reasons visitors come is to learn something about your church. How it is organized. What sets you apart from the other churches in the area. Welcome packets can accomplish that.

* Become familiar with your worship style (is it more singing then they would like?) and church beliefs.

* Review activities calendar. Visitors want to know the upcoming schedule of events and ministry meeting times.

What should go into the packet?

While there is no absolute must have list, here are some ideas that will help to make a great impression and give guests a reason for returning:

1. Video or DVD of your organization

– It could be a video tour of the entire grounds or maybe just a 30 second clip that tells about each ministry in the church. Perhaps it is the vision for where you want to get to.

2. Refrigerator magnets

Are you looking for an inexpensive marketing tool that has long term staying power? This may be better than you think! According to a study at Purdue University, the average American visits their refrigerator 22 times a day. What else could you get that is going to get that much exposure? And strange as it sounds, even if people don’t like them, they tend to put them on their refrigerators.

3. Letter of Greeting from the Minister

Perhaps a personalized message with an invitation to return the following week. Studies have found that a personal interaction with the Minister can have a dramatically positive effect on whether someone returns or makes a church home. (So, don’t forget about the Minister making a personal phone call to follow up the next week either!)

4. Information on the membership process of your church.

Some visitors are ready to become members from day one. They may have just moved and want to keep their denominational affiliation intact. Others just feel good and know when they have found their new church home. It takes the awkwardness out of them having to ask.

5. Invitation for on-line survey.

A quick survey of a visitor’s church experience is good. But they may feel uneasy filling out one in church especially if they are the only guest that day. Online surveys provide an easy way for you to determine how things really are since they are truly anonymous.

6. Audio recording

Could be a recent Sunday Message or perhaps something more of an invitation. Keep in mind that at the least we are a CD world. Cassettes are dead. Podcasts or downloads are a great way to get them to your website.

7. Informational brochure

– General info about the church and its’ ministries (if you can’t do a video or want to cover your bases). It could also include a brief history of the church, or the denomination if that is deemed important.

8. Calendar of events

Announcement flyers of public events such as fall festivals, Christmas programs, etc.

9. Coupons!

A coupon to turn in at the church book store or on the website for a free token of appreciation or a discount. I love the coupon that entitles the user for a free cup of coffee with the minister!

10 Tote bags or bookmarks

Both of these have become very inexpensive and help to keep your church in the guests mind. Be sure to include your website address on these!

While these are not all-inclusive, they do make a favorable impression on any church guest. A good welcome packet can make the difference if a visitor comes back for a second look. It can provide the answers to some of the questions that arise after they have left the church. Of course, nothing beats a personal note or phone call from the minister

How do they get distributed?

Don’t leave it up to chance whether a visitor gets a welcome packet or not. While my experience has gone from having to look for them myself or being told to pick one up on the way out, anything short of personally handing one to me loses some of the welcome packet’s purpose… to make me feel welcome. Make sure your church doesn’t make that mistake!