How to Calculate Window Tint Visible Light Transmission (VLT)


Window tinting films are measured in visible light transmission levels (or VLT). This means that when we discuss a particular film, be it for fitting to a car or any other application, we normally refer to it with it’s VLT value. VLT is measured in percentage ( % ), so if you hear about a tint product being referred to as a percentage, it is the VLT that defines that percentage value.

For example, a tinting film referred to as Charcoal 5% is a charcoal coloured tint with a VLT of 5% and likewise a film referred to as green 50% is a green coloured tint film with a VLT of 50%. But what does the number actually mean?

Well, in simple terms the VLT value is the percentage of visible light that will be allowed to travel through the window tinting film from the exterior face side of the film to the interior side. This means that a 5% film will only allow 5% light travel through and a 70% film will allow 70% light to travel. In effect, this means that lower VLT films will appear darker. For instance, it is normally 5% tints that we will see on limousines for privacy.

So, fitting a 5% tint to a window will allow 5% light to travel through the glass from outside to inside, right? NO! Because we need to take into consideration the actual VLT of the window before the tint is even installed. There is no such thing as a piece of glass, no matter how clear it appears, with a VLT of 100%. This is because glass naturally filters out a little bit of visible light.

Lets look at car window tinting as this is one area where we speak of VLT often due to the fact that many countries have laws in place limiting how dark car windows should be tinted. Most modern cars come from factory with windows reading a VLT somewhere between 72% and 78%, depending on manufacturer, model and country. Say, our example car’s windows read at 72% and we add a 50% window tinting film, what is the new and final VLT of our car’s windows after installation?

The sum is very simple: V1 x V2 = V3 (Where V1 is the original VLT of the glass before tinting, V2 is the VLT of the window tinting film and V3 is the final VLT value of the glass with tint film applied).

Our car’s windows original VLT = 72% and the tint = 50 %, thus V1 = 72 and V2 = 50

The sum is 72 x 0.50 giving us 36, which we will express as a percentage. So a window with an original VLT of 72% will then have a VLT of 36% after application of a 50% film.


Buying Jewelry For Your Girlfriend – A Practical Guide


If you’re a man, you’re probably not much into jewelry. Most men, by and large, aren’t. Nevertheless, maybe it’s your girlfriend’s birthday or it’s Christmas or (heaven forbid!) it’s Valentine’s Day and you’ve decided you want to give your special girl the gift of jewelry. Good for you! It’s a wonderful choice, assuming, of course, that you already know that your girlfriend loves and appreciates nice jewelry. Okay, so now what?

Step One: Decide how much you can comfortably spend. Or, if you’re rolling in money, decide how much you’re willing to spend. If you’re barely scraping by, don’t beat yourself over a lack of funds or get the idea that unless you put yourself into dire financial straights over this purchase, you aren’t loving her enough. That’s nonsense, and any woman worth her salt will tell you so. When it comes to jewelry, we gals know that it’s not a guy’s cup of tea, that they are out of their depth and probably afraid they’ve made the wrong choice. We get it. And we appreciate the fact that you’re willing to try.

Step Two: Once you’ve got an idea of your budget, decide what form this jewelry gift will take. Will it be earrings? A necklace? A bracelet? A ring? If money’s a concern, earrings or a pendant necklace, especially if we’re talking about fine jewelry, are probably the most affordable pieces of jewelry. For the uninitiated, you can translate ‘fine jewelry’ to mean anything that has a K in it – as in 10k gold, 12k gold, 14k gold, etc. Earrings are pretty self-explanatory. A pendant necklace usually means a precious or semi-precious stone or two in a gold or silver setting, suspended by a chain of the same metal.

By the way, there is absolutely nothing wrong with opting for a piece of fine jewelry that’s 12k gold or even 10k. The gold content is distributed throughout the jewelry piece, so put aside any fears you may have that the gold will ‘wear off.’ If it’s all you can comfortably afford, it’s fine. And it will look good, too. This is supposed to be a token of affection and thoughtfulness, not a test of how much you care nor a measure of how much she’s valued. We’ve got to lose this notion that someone who receives an 18k gold ring is more loved than someone who receives a 10k ring. It’s ridiculous.

If the budget can’t accommodate a gift of fine jewelry, then consider Sterling silver jewelry. There are many beautiful Sterling silver pieces available, many with gorgeous semiprecious gemstones. Or you can stick with straight Sterling, no gemstones, and find your dollar will go quite far. For the same amount of money you’ll pay for a pair of, say, diamond stud earrings, you can probably buy your girl a completely new wardrobe of Sterling silver jewelry.

When you deciding on what kind of jewelry to buy, please take your girlfriend’s style into consideration. If she runs around in pretty, feminine dresses and delicate clothes, a big, chunky hammered silver and turquoise bracelet probably won’t go over well. And if you know she hates dangling earrings, for Pete’s sake, don’t get her any! It doesn’t matter if she wore dangling earrings one time and you loved it. She’s got to love it. The gift is for her enjoyment, not yours.

Caution: How to say this nicely? Stay away from giving rings unless you mean business. Women get gifts of jewelry a lot throughout their lifetimes – it comes from friends (both male and female), family, co-workers, bosses – all sorts of ways. And it’s all fine and acceptable because most of what we receive is along the lines of ‘impersonal’ jewelry – the earrings, the pins and brooches, the necklaces, the bracelets – none of which conveys anything beyond, “Hey I like you and I think this’ll look good on you.” Rings are an entirely different matter – especially gold rings. And when you shove that little ring box under our noses, our hearts start to pound. Either with dread (if we don’t like you much) or with excitement (if we like you a whole lot). But it pounds. Because a ring, for whatever reason, is a vastly personal piece of jewelry coming from a man. It sends a message. Believe me, even in this day and age of enlightened communication between the sexes, it sends a message. Unless you’re up for it, stick with earrings or a nice bracelet.

Now let me complicate things a bit: The whole previous paragraph admonishing against giving rings goes out the window if your girlfriend is the type that’s into sterling silver and semiprecious stones. Sterling silver jewelry is more casual (picture silver and turquoise or silver and coral jewelry for example) and doesn’t tend to convey any hidden message. If your girlfriend likes Sterling silver and likes a variety of semiprecious stones, it’s perfectly fine to add another ring to her collection.

Step Three: Shop, shop, shop! Drag yourself out to a jewelry store and do some looking. Doing the actual purchase online is a great idea and will probably save you money, too, as online jewelry stores allow you to comparison shop easily and don’t usually have the overhead associated with a brick and mortar store, but honestly, nothing beats actually seeing a few jewelry pieces in person. If the idea of setting foot in a jewelry store is unnerving, then try a department store. If you see a style you like, ask what it’s called. “What kind of setting is that? What kind of stone is that? How big is that stone?” are all very good questions. Pay special attention to the quoted gemstone size. It’s hard to envision a 4mm stone or a 1 carat stone when you’re staring at a computer screen. Seeing one in person is an entirely different matter. Take your mental notes on what you’ve seen, then hightail it back to your computer and do some serious comparison shopping. This applies whether you’re shopping for silver or gold, precious or semiprecious gemstones.

Lastly, when you’re ready to buy, read the fine print! What’s the return policy on the jewelry? What does the website (or store) say about the gemstone quality? Can the ring (if you decide to buy a ring) be resized easily?

And that’s it! With a little forethought and planning, you’ll be able to pick an affordable jewelry gift for your girlfriend that will suit her personality and style and that she’s sure to love. And if she does’t, you know the store’s return policy. Happy shopping!


Knowing the Best Convertible Car Seats – Reviews


If you are about to have your firstborn, any parent probably knows that finding the right seat for their child is going to be one of the biggest things you do. There are car reviews in abundance everywhere, right? Except that many reviews are actually difficult to read and may be missing key components to the review that you do not really know about.

Finding good convertible seats reviews is vital to helping make the right decision for your child’s safety, so it helps to know what you are looking for. With all the different brands and models out there, it can be hard to tell which is which. Always make sure that you do plenty of research before hand, from checking with your pediatrician to see if they are aware of any changes or recalls that might have happened for popular seats.

But what do you need to know when you are looking at the convertible baby seat reviews out there?

First of all, know what seat you need for the child. If your child is smaller than 20 lbs, then your car seat reviews really should focus on just infant only seats, and then once your baby is more than 20 lbs, look at convertible seats reviews. They will tell you that they are for children up to about 30 to 40 lbs, but it really depends on the particular models. If your child grows past that, then you should be looking at booster car seat reviews.

So let us focus on convertible baby seats reviews. One of the most important features of them is its versatility. After all, children will grow out of an infant only seat fairly quickly, but the best convertible car seat reviews will tell you that this particular seat will take your child from the infant stage to the toddler stage. As good convertible car seat reviews will tell you, you can have convertible seats that face both forward or rear and these tend to have the most features to them.

What should you be looking for in your car seat reviews in safety? Make sure that you see the seat has a 5 point harness, which will be one of the best safety devices so that you have your child properly harnessed into his or her seat. Secondly, look in your convertible car seat reviews for the tether strap. This particular strap is an extra precaution for many, but it keeps the seat secured quite tightly to your seat, and that is always a good thing to have.

Next, look for the snap together chest clip. When you have a toddler who has figured out how to unbuckle themselves, it can be a terrifying experience. This particular buckle is childproof for the most part, so your toddler will not be able to unbuckle themselves while mommy or daddy is trying to drive. Finally, look for the latch-equip, a particular device frequently needed for newer cars. These vehicles, or simply a vehicle that has a latch safety, will work well with a latch equip for your car seat.

Now that you know what to look for, there are a few of the convertible car seat reviews that show positive things for certain brands. The Graco ComfortSport convertible car seat has gotten very good reviews with its safety ratings. It has a very clean record and is less expensive, meaning it will not have some of the additional but unnecessary bells and whistles of the expensive models. This particular model is very safe. It has a washable cover as well as indicators to help you angle it correctly, and if you have to fly, this is one of the best seats to take on a plane because it is light and slim.

Cosco is another great brand, which has one of the best ratings from convertible car seat reviews. The main appeal to the Cosco brand is that their Eddie Bauer 3-in-1 can be used for front facing, rear facing and then even as the booster seat for your child as they grow. It is definitely one of the more versatile car seats out on the market.

There are plenty of other convertible car seat reviews out there, but when it comes to the different brands out there, you should always look to the safety ratings and the reviews of different consumers out there for your best reviews.


Embedded DVR


In most surveillance operations using a DVR, the commonly used method is to link the DVR card to a computer containing the software. This has serious limitations in the event of a virus attack or power failure, because the surveillance system could be thrown off gear. In order to overcome these problems, a new type of DVR called the “embedded DVR” has been launched.

The embedded DVR works with very little or no help from the computer. It is a plug and play meaning that installation is very easy and recording can start as soon as the device is installed. Embedded DVRs can support 4-16 cameras, and a television screen can be added for viewing live pictures. Embedded DVRs provide all the features that come with computer based DVR systems including network support options that allow you to share the recorded data. The motion of the camera can be controlled based on motion and playback and search option are also available.

Embedded DVRs can be programmed to record at specific times. With an alarm facility available, fast detection of any intrusion can be detected. On integration with a web server, remote audio/video monitoring and recording is facilitated. Data storage is usually in MPEG format. If there is a problem with storage, a back up plan is activated where by the data is written onto CD disks. Embedded DVRs also have remote storage facility meaning storage of information can be done at a location away from where the input device is located. This can minimize data pilferage or theft.

Embedded DVRs are now used extensively in the transport sector. Specially developed embedded DVRs have in built features like impact resistance, shock & and vibration resistance are now found in trucks, school and city buses, airport shuttles, cars, taxis, etc. These DVRs are compact and take inputs provided by camera located in different parts of the automobile. It can also provide the driver with a view of the road andor passengers at all times. In such a system, the storage device is often a replaceable hard disk drive. In some cases, a USB mobile hard disk enclosure is also provided. Use of DVRs in public and private transport devices can increase the security of passengers and cargo.

With enhanced emphasis on security, embedded DVRs have become an irreplaceable component of industrial and corporate security systems. In the near future, the embedded DVRs may find new applications many areas. The full potentials of this device are yet to be realized and it may not be a surprise to see them used by everyday people for everyday living.


The Difference Between Que And Cual/Cuales In Spanish


The difference between Qué and Cuál in Spanish is usually an issue of concern to students of Spanish whose native language is English and who can’t do a literal translation into their own language. In this lesson we will take a look at the differences between the two words.

Firstly, let´s see what happens with the verb SER.

Qué es: this form implies the question for a definition.

¿Qué es un gato?/ What is a cat?

Un gato es un animal felino y pequeño, que suele tenerse como mascota. / A cat is a feline and small animal, usually taken as a pet.

Cuál es: This is a question for an election. From a homogeneous group, you have a choice. You want to know a name.

¿Cuál es tu película favorita? (from all the possible films)/ What is your favorite movie?

Mi película favorita es Terminator./ My favorite movie is Terminator.

¿Cuál es la capital de Argentina? (from all the possible capitals)/ What is the capital of Argentina?

La capital de Argentina es Buenos Aires./ The capital of Argentina is Buenos Aires

¿Cuál es tu nombre? (from a long list of possible names)/ Which is your name?

Mi nombre es Anna./ My name is Anna.

When the question is “cuál es” you should only respond with an option, but this question has a version in plural, where you can respond with more than one option.

¿Cuáles son tus libros favoritos?/ What are your favorite books?

Mis libros favoritos son “Cien años de Soledad” y “13,99 euros”. My favorites books are “Cien años de Soledad” and “13,99 euros”.

¿Cuáles son los colores que más te gustan?/ What are the colors you like the most?

Los colores que más me gustan son el rojo y el azul./ The colors I like the most are the red and blue.

Qué + Verb

When I ask: ¿Qué quieres tomar?/ What do you want to drink?, I am not giving you options, you can answer anything from an heterogeneous group: café (coffe), leche (milk), agua (water), cerveza (beer), licuado de frutilla (strawberry smoothie), etc.

Or: ¿Qué cocinamos, pizza o empanadas?/ What should we cook, pizza or empanadas?

Cuál + Verb

When I ask you: ¿Cuál prefieres?/ Which do you prefer?, I have some options for you, and I´m showing these from a table or I have them in my hands: ¿Cuál prefieres, ésta o ésta?/ Which do you prefer, this or this?

We can ask the same using Qué + the noun + Verb.

¿Qué bebida prefieres?/ What drink do you prefer?

¿Qué color te gusta más?/ What color do you like more?


Performance Review Examples – Technical Support Representatives


There are a ton of performance review examples on the Web that you can learn from or even copy verbatim to your own review if luck would have it that you need exactly that sort of review. But most of them won’t go any further than that and any deeper than explaining through examples. So here’s a sort of short outlined performance review that has some explanations as to why items were included. This is for a technical support representative.

Troubleshooting knowledge and skills: 4 of 5. Employee consistently displays adept know-how and troubleshooting expertise. Employee knows several different fixes to varied issues. Requires only further internal training for advanced troubleshooting.’ Now this part directly relates to the employees skill in his work. Every performance review should have this.

Communication and customer service aptitude: 3 of 5. Employee gets carried away with troubleshooting and sometimes cuts off customers when they speak or neglects their opinion of the issue because he knows what it’s really about. Aside from that, employee is usually courteous and well-mannered towards many different customers.’ Another skill that directly affects his work. Since his line of work always deals with customers, this area is included.

Teamwork and workplace behavior: 4 of 5. Employee can work well alone or under supervision or within a team. His good natured personality and affable character also help team morale and teamwork, though most of the time he doesn’t volunteer for anything and needs to be called out due to a lack of initiative.’ Personal traits and characteristics can affect individual output and teamwork much more than you can imagine, so leave a spot for this area in your performance review.


Why The Fat Diminisher System Should Be Your Go To Diet Plan In 2017


Have you ever asked yourself why gaining weight is so easy but losing the same is difficult? It is common for many people to engage in a weight loss diet plan only to give up before attaining the set goals and objectives. Are you in search of a weight loss program that is not only effective but encourages you to lose weight finally leading a healthy lifestyle? The Fat diminisher system is your go to weight loss program that helps you lose weight safely and effectively.

What is the Fat diminisher system?

This refers to a set of eBooks that spell out the causes of weight gain. The main guide for the program is compiled into an eBook with 140 pages. It is designed to help users fight metabolic acidosis.

What is metabolic acidosis? This refers to a common problem that occurs among people aged 30 years and above. It centers on the inability of the liver to regulate the levels of acidity in the body. This has been found to slow down metabolism leading to your body storing fat around the stomach, the hips and thighs. This is how obesity begins.

The eBook contains detailed descriptions of foods and herbs which are beneficial towards your weight loss efforts. They promote fat burning allowing you to shed off several pounds finally attaining a healthy weight.

Who is the author?

Wesley Virgin, a celebrated trainer, motivational expert and weight loss specialist is the author of the Fat diminisher system. As a well respected health fitness guru, he has helped thousands of people.

The program is designed for both men and women. Thanks to its packaging format (PDF eBook); it is highly portable allowing users to store it in a smart device. The main focus of the program is to help men and women lose weight naturally and safely.

The eBook contains techniques, step by step details about preparing healthy smoothies, list of healthy snacks and a detailed explanation of how to boost your metabolism. It also contains a list of fruits and vegetables rich in nutrients and minerals that will aid in weight loss.

How it works

How the Fat diminisher system works is a no brainer. The author, Wes Virgin, has provided techniques and step by step instructions which are clear and detailed. They are easy to follow allowing you to modify your lifestyle and engage the fat burning process. The first advice that the author offers in the eBook is how to eat slowly. The benefit behind this technique is that it improves your metabolic rate allowing you to burn fat finally losing weight.

The second advice offered by Wesley Virgin is about foods rich in carbohydrates. It is a common misconception that all carbohydrate rich foods are unhealthy. What you need to know is that foods rich in resistant starch are not only healthy but promote weight loss too. The author has provided a list of good carbohydrates foods in the eBook.

The last piece of advice offered is about drinking water. Water is the most underrated resource when it comes to weight loss. It is actually a great promoter of fat burning and weight loss as it makes one to feel full. As an appetite suppressor, it promotes fat burning as the body turns to store fat instead.


a. The program provides permanent results

b. It contains delicious healthy smoothie recipes that promote healthy living

c. Ingredients listed are natural and safe to consume

d. It is portable thanks to the PDF format

e. Bonus materials are available with the purchase

f. A 60 day money back guarantee is offered which allows you to receive a full refund


a. The eBook is only available online and no hard copy is available

b. Customers have to pay a shipping fee for the free hard copy bonus titled “Arthritis Reversed”.

Where to Buy

The eBook is available on the official website. You can purchase it safely and take advantage of the 60 day money back guarantee.

Final Verdict

As said earlier, many people today end up not achieving what they set out to do at the beginning of their weight loss journey. This may be attributed to the many diet plans that promote quick weight loss.

With the Fat diminisher system from Wesley Virgin, you will benefit from a program that is written in easy to understand and clear language. The eBook contain techniques, step by step recipes to prepare healthy smoothies, list of fruits and vegetables to consume plus how metabolism plays a part in weight gain among others.

Are you planning to lose weight anytime soon? Try the Fat diminisher system today!


Does High Blood Pressure Cause Ringing in My Ears?


Some people suffer from having a constant ringing or noise in their ears called Tinnitus. Tinnitus most often comes from some damage sustained in the inner ear, usually by external sounds, but in some cases, tinnitus can be a symptom of an underlining medical cause. One such medical cause is high blood pressure.

High blood pressure can be a serious medical condition and can be the underlying cause of one of the types of tinnitus which is called pulsatile tinnitus. High bold pressure that is accompanied with ringing in your ears; is also known as hypertension, can have many symptoms, and can also have no symptoms at all. Although hearing a ringing in the ear can be a symptom of high blood pressure, it is not a common symptom. Typically patients with high blood pressure, do not start to hear a noise in their ears until after they start taking blood pressure medication. Tinnitus can resolve itself on its own after about four to six weeks. A change in the medication can resolve the issue as well. Some individuals, who developed tinnitus due to high blood pressure, resolved the ringing after medication reduced the pressure with in the blood vessels.

Tinnitus comes in several different forms. Although pulsatile tinnitus is rare, it usually affects only about three percent of tinnitus sufferers. It is the type of tinnitus that sounds like a heart beating in rhythm with itself. It also can sound like sloshing, bumping, thumping and several other sounds. This usually occurs when a patient has a problem with their circulatory system. When a patient experiences change in the circulatory system like an abundance of blood flow or the opposite, a narrowing of blood vessels, is when pulsatile tinnitus appears and at this point is when the sounds start. One of the strange side affects is that sometimes the patient can hear the sounds in both ears, but not for all patients. It is feasible for a patient to experience more than one type of tinnitus at a time. Even so, they are independent from each other and their causes as well as the noises the patient hears are different.

There are many other causes of pulsatile tinnitus. Benign intracranial hypertension or BIH is one of the most common, and is the result of pressure being placed on the cerebrospinal fluid which baths the brain.

A glomus tumor is another cause. This tumor is usually benign and can be found either in the patients ear or just below it and is due to the patient’s artery wall having a buildup of cholesterol. Inflammation or a middle ear infection can also cause pulsatile tinnitus.

When pulsatile tinnitus is caused by high blood pressure there are several options for a cure. Your physician should prescribe a medication for the high blood pressure and in most cases by getting your blood pressure under control; it usually will reduce your tinnitus symptoms. Of course if you experience any side effects from your blood pressure medication, be sure to report them to your physician.


A Unique Nanny Cam


So, you think someone is stealing from you, or cheating on you. Maybe you fear a trusted person is mistreating your child in your very own home. You don’t have to be in the dark any longer and you can secure your home with the new crop of hidden video cameras available on the web. Now you can catch the culprit in the act and have the proof of their crime at your fingertips. These days there is no need to elaborately camouflage cameras in your home. Recording video cameras can be purchased hidden in teddy bears, iPod docking stations, plants and even, my favorite, – a water bottle.

Hidden in plain sight

There would seem to be no camera more covert than one hidden in a water bottle. An object so common, which most of us carry around every day, attracts little attention. It can be casually placed down or carefully positioned, all the while ready to record any action in sight. Detection is not a worry as the bottle has water above and below the camera/recording device hidden in the middle section behind the label. A pinhole camera lens on the label can barely be seen, even when you know to look for it.

Record it all

The technology is amazing. The hidden camera is motion activated and the device can record up to 64gb of video onto a micro SD memory card. This card can be plugged into a computer and viewed. Thirty minutes of video takes up about 1gb of memory. That’s 32 hours of recording. Even though the standard lithium polymer battery has only a 10 hour life, a 30 hour battery can be purchased for an upgrade. All of this can be accessed as easily as twisting the bottle into 3 sections. A tiny micro sized remote lets you control the action after the bottle is placed-whether you want motion activated or continuous recording. An AC adapter charges the camera’s battery and a USB cable lets you view the video on the SD card without even removing it from the bottle.

So are hidden cameras legal?

In general, in the United States, you can record a person with a hidden video camera in your home without their consent. There are no firm laws in place at the federal level, but some states have their own take on the situation. This is only for video recordings. Audio is a different matter. Almost all states have a law against surreptitiously recording a conversation. But video is not so restricted. To check the laws in your state go to State Guide

Is it right?

Of course even where legal, there arise personal privacy issues. Bathrooms are certainly a place where a hidden camera is illegal (as well as the bedroom where a live-in employee resides). Then one must be aware that in most states in the US it is illegal to record a video for the purposes of blackmail or ‘malicious intent’. Aside from this, public places such as stores, restaurants, parks and even beaches are fair game for the stealth recorder. Of course know that it is never legal to place a hidden camera in another’s home, even if your child is cared for there.


Subprime Loan Fiasco


What got us into this financial and real estate mess in the first place? In short it was lenders offering sub prime loans. We read about them in the newspaper but do you know what a sub prime loan is and how it affected things.

Subprime was an attempt to allow people with credit problems to get a loan typically at a higher interest rate. Many of the subprime loans were also adjustable rate mortgage loans. Initially the interest rate is low in order to help them make payments. But these loans had a nasty catch. After an amount of time, like 2 years, the rate would go up. Some would go up 1.5% every 6 months. Some would go up something like 2% annually. So, what was great the first few years soon became a nightmare and a loan that cost a person $720 would soon cost $2100 a month. This was enough to sink most people.

The big problem came in when the subprime was offered to people with good credit in order to get a bigger more expensive house. As always I think some numbers can make this clearer.

A person could get a 30 yr fixed with a $720 payment and get a loan for $108,000

A person could get a 40 yr fixed with a $720 payment and get a loan for $115,000

A person could get a 50 yr fixed with a $720 payment and get a loan for $119,000

A person could get an Interest Only with a $720 payment and get a loan for $123,000

A person could get a Sub Prime ARM with a $720 payment and get a loan for $216,000

So, you can see that with the subprime ARM a person could buy twice the house with the same monthly payment. That is until the ARM resets and the payments begin to skyrocket.

Lets look at typical 24 month interest only ARM loan in January 2004 for $200,000. This loan was tied to the LIBOR plus 4% margin. Here is what happened to this person.

Jan 04 – interest rate 5.5% (LIBOR 1.46 + 4%) and a payment of $916

Jan 06 – interest rate 8.9% (LIBOR 4.94 + 4%) and a payment is now $1483

Now the 2 years are up; the rate goes up 1.5% every 6 months

Jan 08 – interest rate is now up to 12.4% with a payment of $2066

So, you can see in just 4 years the monthly payment has doubled. For most hard working Americans this is just too much. And now we are seeing the foreclosure rates skyrocketing because of these horrible loans the lenders made.

If you would like to learn about foreclosure loans in California I suggest you visit:

*Disclaimer – David Cairns is a real estate professional serving San Diego, California and is licensed by the State of California only under CA DRE lic #01890743. All information on is for informational purposes. Information regarding short sales, foreclosures, buying homes, selling homes or any other information is general in nature and is not intended or should be construed as legal, tax, or other advice. Every person has a   unique  situation; I would be happy to talk to you regarding real estate matters. You must consult a legally qualified person for advice in all other areas before taking any action. I can be contacted via e-mail or on my site.