Child Development – Babyhood


Characteristics of babyhood: (From 2 weeks to 2 years)

i) Babyhood is the true foundation age. At this time, many behavior patterns, attitudes and emotional expressions are established. It is a critical period in setting the pattern for personal and emotional adjustments.

ii) Babyhood is an age of rapid growth and development. Babies grow rapidly both physically and psychologically. Changes are rapid in appearance (height and weight) and capacities. The limbs develop in better proportion to the large head. Intellectual growth and change are parallel to physical growth and change.

iii) Ability grows to recognize and respond to people and objects in the environment. The baby is able to understand many things and communicate its needs and wants.

iv) The babyhood is an age of decreasing dependency. The baby begins to do things to itself. With decrease of dependency, a rebellion against being treated as baby. A protest takes protest comes in the form of angry outbursts and crying when independence is denied.

v) It is an age of high individuality which can be realized in appearance and in patterns of behavior.

vi) Babyhood is the beginning of Creativity, sex role and socialization for adjustment in future life.

vii) Babyhood is a hazardous period. The physical hazards are illness, accidents, disabilities and death. Psychological hazards are disinterests and negative attitudes

Emotional behavior in babyhood:

i) At birth, the emotions appear in simple and undifferentiated forms. In babyhood, the emotions are differentiated and they are aroused by a number of stimuli. There are two distinct types of emotions.

ii) There is much difference with the behavior of adolescents and adults and often from those of older children.

iii) Emotions are more easily conditioned during babyhood than at latter stage. This is due to the reason that the intellectual abilities of babies are limited. They respond easily and quickly to stimuli. Anyhow there is hesitation to respond in some cases.

Development in socialization:

Early social experiences play a dominant role in determining the baby’s future social relationships and patterns of behavior towards others. Since the baby’s life is centered around home, it is here that the foundations for later behavior and attitudes are laid. There is no evidence that people are social or antisocial by inheritance but on their social experience gained during babyhood. Also, making a change in the pattern of behavior that has become habitual is never easy. Nor is there any guaranty that the change will be complete. That is why good social foundations are so important during the babyhood years.

At birth, infants are not gregarious in nature in the sense that there is no difference to them who attend to their physical needs. During the first year of the babyhood, babies are in a state of equilibrium which makes them friendly, easy to handle and pleasant to be with. Around the middle of second year, the equilibrium is tilted making the baby fussy, non cooperative, and difficult to handle. However, equilibrium is restored so that the babies begin to exhibit again pleasant and social behavior.


The New Rich – Working From Home Has Never Been So Much Fun!


The New Rich!

It sounds great and I love the phrase! Who and what are the New Rich. Who are these confident successful business people who have learned the skills of Automation, Outsourcing and Time Leverage to become rich in both money and time!.

I recently read a book describing a new breed of entrepreneur. A new type of business person not limited by location, but able to practice their business from any locale in the world. Imagine a multi-million pound business working from home or from the side of a pool in the Maldives via a laptop and a mobile phone. Now imagine, no staff! no stock! no premises rent/ rates or even any wages. Starting to sound like a Fairy tale? Having been involved in my internet business I started to perform research into who these New Rich are, but more importantly what they do!.

The system’s of manufacturing in the future will be fully automated, requiring 1 man and a dog to run the whole operation! The man will be required to feed the dog, and the dog will be there to stop the man from touching any of the equipment. Automation will be king! As the inevitable onset of automation advances industry, it will have adverse affects on the employee and the number of jobs available in that sector.

As jobs become ‘less attractive’ the balance of power will move from the employer to the market. The Market is looking for an income to maintain or increase their life style. This growing trend will and has for the most part been responsible for the growing list of successful home based business’s emerging over the last few years.

As the market contracts in one area it will expand in another. It’s just the way it is. Those individuals who put themselves in the right position to capitalize on growing trends will benefit the most. Working from home and the home based business sector are booming because the traditional employment route is overworked, the system is broken and people are looking for a way out. Lifestyle is driving the market today.

Who is richer the corporate warrior earning £500,000 a year working a 80 hour work week or a home based business entrepreneur, working from home 8 to 10 hours a week earning £50,000 ?

With my internet business you can work from any location in the world from a laptop and a mobile phone! All of a sudden £50,000 a year from the side of a pool sounds more attractive than £500,000 with all the headache that would come with a job of that caliber. With many home based business’s today they offer a far more attractive option than the corporate climb.

The New Rich rich have realised the relationship between income and lifestyle can not only be managed but it’s a growing market. The thousands of disillusioned employees migrating away from the workplace are becoming the business seekers that are set to dominate the New Richlists of 2010 and onwards. The home business Sector will continue to not only buck the trend but as the skills are learned and implemented the new rich of tomorrow will outsource the bigger work loads freeing up there time. The tools of the future the internet will allow those skills to be marketed packaged and delivered electronically allowing huge time leveraging.

Those in the know are ready and even willing to pass on their knowledge and skills to those hungry for the challenge to change there lives from working for a living to designing a life. The power of choice is back for everyone to make.

Lastly Confidence in what we do on a daily basis to deliver the results we are expecting will ultimately be our number one motivating factor. What I am saying is if you are performing at what you do then you are motivated. The motivation comes from the confidence that doing what your doing is going to deliver the results that your looking for! The link between performance and rusults is our confidence in what we do!.

If your not 100% confident that your present career or business will deliver the results that you would like then are you really motivated to perform?


Sneeze a Lot? 3 Reasons Why You Are Always Sneezing!


Do you sneeze a lot? If so the real reason may be right under your nose, literally! There are numerous reasons why you might sneeze a lot, but there are some major causes which until rectified may have you constantly feeling like you’re suffering from a cold. Find out 3 very real causes for why you’re always sneezing and get ready to start feeling better as soon as today!

3 Reasons Why you Sneeze a Lot

#1 – Undiagnosed Intolerances/Allergies: Even if you’ve seen a doctor and they said you aren’t allergic according to the tests or that it’s all in your head I would highly suggest getting a second opinion from a alternative holistic practitioner. There are numerous ways to test for allergies which includes EDS testing amongst other things.

Not sure what I mean by intolerances? They are often to things you eat every day or expose yourself to frequently that suppress your immune system or constantly create reactions in your body. The most common of which to eliminate are wheat and dairy. Do it for a week and you’ll see huge relief! Many times it can be as simple as that.

#2 – Sinus Infection: Often you can have a low level chronic sinus infection which you aren’t even aware of but it constantly keeps you stuffed up. In fact if you sneeze a lot this can be a good sign that you’re body is still aware of it and trying its best to eliminate it. The one thing you never want to jump into is taking an anti-biotic for a sinus infection until its 100% determined to be bacterial, because most often sinus infections are fungal in nature and if you do end up using a anti-biotic it can actually make the infection much worse!

If this is the case that you’ve taken anti-biotics anytime within the last several years a chronic fungal infection is often the cause of your current health problems. The next cause then of chronic sneezing is what you need to eliminate to feel better.

#3 – Candida Overgrowth: The #1 reason many people feel sick constantly for no apparent reason is something known as a Candida Overgrowth. This fungus lives inside all of us, however in some people it grows out of control. Quite often the reason people suffer from it is due to the use of anti-biotics and both of the causes above, chronic allergies and liver toxicity. When all 3 are at play an individual will undoubtedly also develop a Candida overgrowth. The solution requires the elimination of all these factors, while doing specific cleanses and using specific herbs/supplements/foods to rebuild both the immune system and the functionality of the organs affected.

If you’re constantly sick I highly suggest you consider taking a quick online test to determine if Candida is a major concern for yourself. Most people who begin eliminating Candida notice a tremendous change in their overall health and energy in as little as 3 days!


7 Simple Ways To Organize Your Daily Life While Running A Home Business


As a home business owner, it is rather easy to become overwhelmed with your daily life and responsibilities. Here are 7 simple ways in which you can organize your daily life.

(1.) You need to know where you are and where you want to go in each area of your daily life. There are 8 areas that mingle, intertwine and combine together to form your daily life. Knowing where you are, and where you want to be, in these areas will help you immensely. These 8 areas include:

Self – What do you believe? What do you value? What are your morals? How is your spirituality and your relationship with yourself?

Support System – These are the people who give support to you, as well as those who receive support from you.

Work – You already know that you’re a parent but what other career or job do you have? What business do you own or run

Money – What do you earn? What do you save? What do you spend?

Hobbies and Fun – What you do to relax, refuel and recharge?

Health and Beauty – How you take care of your body, both inside and out?

Love – What is your most intimate relationship? Is it healthy?

Home – What is your living environment? Who is in it? What is in it?

(2.) Create a plan to get what you need and want out of life! This is also known as goal setting. Clarifying the specific actions that you need to take in order to reach these goals will help you stay organized with your priorities. Take a look at each of the 8 areas of your life and create a list of the specific actions that you must take to obtain your goals in each area. Then take a look at this list and decide which area needs most work. By simply working on improving this area, the other 7 areas of your life will also be positively effected.

(3.) Remove what isn’t working for you! Some things that will keep you livin in chaos and unhappiness include: clutter, disorganization, broken items, and time wasting tasks. These items will only stress you out and wear you down so after you make a list of them, it is time to begin removing them from your daily life.

(4.) Create a positive, uplifting support system that you can surround yourself with! Negative people will only hold you back. Positive people will help you feel less stressed, more organized and happier! Start by recognizing the supportive people in your life, how they support you, and how you can acknowledge them for this support. This will ensure that you continue to receive their valuable support and encouragement. Then take a moment to recognize those negative people who are around you and begin slowly weeding them out of your life.

(5.) Manage your daily stress! Believe it or not, daily stress has a huge effect upon your body, mind and spirit. Being proactive in handling your daily stressors will help you to stay organized and live an enjoyable daily life.

(6.) I’m sure that you’ve heard this said before, but it really is important to: Manage your time wisely! Don’t waste time on tasks that are done only to please other people. This will leave you feeling resentful and angry. Do not waste time on activities that are not in line with your priorities either. Instead, stay focussed upon completing those tasks that are necessary in order for you to achieve your goals. Begin each day by deciding precisely what it is that you want to accomplish that day. From there you can designate what tasks need completed, delegated, or even deleted.

(7.) Keep track of your progress! This will help you to understand what is going well for you and why, as well as what isnâEUR(TM)t working out for you and why. Taking notice of these things will help you to either continue doing them or make some changes.

If you’d like to begin noticing things becoming and staying organized, then I highly recommend that you start incorporating these 7 simple ways to organize your daily life, into your life today. Living an organized daily life is the key to successfully enjoying your daily life!


How To Attract Members To A New Dating Site


Setting up a new dating site is fairly easy. Buy the software, customize it and put it online. It can be done in a couple of days. But what is a dating site without members? How do you attract members to a new site? That is the hard part.

Few people know your site exists. Those who stumble onto your site will be deterred by the realisation that there are very few or no members to interact with. Unless you have plenty of money to throw to promote the site, it may be that the site will languish until you are able to make your site widely known or searchable.

Dating software vendors are acutely aware of this. Their solution is to design the software to allow the generation of fake members to populate the site to give the semblance of an active thriving community. Unfortunately, people can easily see through this deception and they will not be impressed. I do not recommend this approach.

It is the chicken or the egg dilemma. People will not join if they realize that there are very few members. But how can you get enough members in the first place to entice people to join. That is the predicament that I am facing with my own site.

I have come to the realisation that there is no quick fix. It is going to take time and effort to promote the site and there is a lot of learning involved. The very first thing I learnt was that Google AdWords and similar pay-per-click advertisements are just not practical for small businesses from a financial standpoint. In my ignorance, I was thinking in the vicinity of several cents per click. Did you know that it can cost anything up to $6 or more per click for your ad to appear in the first page? That is per click – the visitor may not even sign up at all!

So paid search is out of the question. I am focusing all my efforts on organic search which means trying to achieve a high ranking in the search engines for relevant keywords. If people can find me in the search engines, then visitor numbers will go up. When visitor numbers reach a critical mass, then the likelihood is that I will be able to start attracting signups.

This is what I have done so far:

  • Exchanged links with other dating websites. I will do the same with other unrelated sites as there is some indication it is just as important.
  • List in online business directories
  • Write articles to submit to articles directories – this is one of them
  • Participated in forums
  • Added my link to lenses (member pages)
  • Added h1 headers to every page of my site using keywords
  • Submitted a sitemap to Google using Google Webmaster Tools

I am also continually scouring the internet for new ways of search engine optimization (SEO) and learning new things along the way. I have had some small success and I feel that it will work in time. Right now, my dating site ranks between 80 and 200 for four keywords and there are small improvements everyday. There is light at the end of the tunnel! I am hopeful.

Promote your site wherever and whenever you can. Put out all stops to get people to visit your site. Beg if you need to.

I am begging…lol


Tax Now, Tax Later and Tax Never


Do you know what type of investment vehicles do you own? Tax Now, Tax Later, and Tax Never? Wow, Tax Never? I will come back to this Tax Never later. Like me, I never learned how to invest and becoming wealthy in school. However, I always wanted to know why people are so well off, and some people are not? I finally found my answer after two years of working in a Prestige Financial Firm. The answer is, “knowing how to save, manage, calculate, use the Tax Law as in your favor, and to take action to plan ahead to build the passive income makes the difference.” There are many great vehicles to generate passive income, and today I am going to focus on investment vehicles that you can sign up from traditional banks, and investment companies. So, what is Tax Now? Tax Now means that all the earning you make from investment vehicles need to be taxed every year. Everybody has to report his earning to the IRS on their Tax Return. These vehicles include both checking, saving and CDs accounts that generate interest for you. All the capital gains and dividends generate from Stocks and Mutual Funds; moreover, earnings from Bonds and Treasuries.

What’s Tax Later? All the money people put in this vehicle is Pre-Tax. Which means this money is never taxed by IRS. Sounds pretty good huh! Yes, the downside of this vehicle is that people have to wait until there are 591/2 years old to take it out. There’s 10% Tax penalty + Income Tax Penalty for taking money out before 591/2, unless you are taking money out for your first property purchase you still have 10% Tax penalty. Also, people have to take money out before they turn 701/2, because IRS cannot wait that long for your money. All the money you take out after 591/2 is subject to “income Tax” depending on how much you take out. So, what are the investment vehicles in his category? These are 401K or other Qualified Plans, IRA, SEP-IRA (for self-employee), Annuities, and Savings Bonds. The only factor left to think about is “Is Tax going to be higher or lower in the future comparing to Today’s Tax Rate?”

Last, what’s Tax Never? Tax Never means people will never get taxed from all the gains when they take money out from this vehicle. Well technically speaking, money in there is after Taxed. Just like the money in the Bank is after Taxed. I have seen many people use this vehicle to build their wealth, and depending on the investment vehicles some don’t need to wait for 591/2 to take out the money, no tax to pay on all the capital gains.

Sounds very delicious to me, these vehicles are …………..are you ready? Ok, there are only three vehicles in this Tax Never Category. One is Roth IRA Roth 401K, and the other one is Cash Value Life Insurance (if you are interested, check out Variable or Equity Index Life Insurance). Both Roth IRA and Roth 401K have 591/2 rule, and contribution limitation depending on your Annual Income. For Roth 401K check with your company, the law just passed in 2006 so don’t be surprised your company is with traditional 401K.

Remember, no one size fits all! Not everybody is suitable for all the vehicles. It takes understanding of how the Tax Law works for all the investment vehicles, how much time you have, what is your objective, what your risk tolerance is, and what your financial goals are, and many more. Every single detail counts and makes a big difference in your financial life. Please do not purchase bunch of cash value life insurance, or put more money in 401K after reading this article. It is very important for you to consult with a financial planner or advisor who has license with the governments. Please, do not consult your financial plan with whose financial condition is worse than yours. Now, I wish you all the success in building your massive passive income journey. Welcome to any questions and feedback.


Steam Rooms and Health – Do They Affect Yeast Infections?


If you want to know the effect of steam rooms to the health on yeast infection then this article is for you. This article will discuss about the connection of yeast infections and steam rooms. This idea is based on an email from a reader. She has a couple of questions. She wants to know if sitting in a steam room or sauna affects yeast. She loves to go to the gym and enjoy sitting in the steam room or sauna three times a week. However, she does notice that after she has been in the steam room or sauna, her candidiasis acts up.

She also wants to start a yeast-free diet. She is wondering where on the internet that she can get the list.

If you have a similar situation as her, here is my opinion on it. For the yeast-free diet, you can go to the site of William G. Crook, who wrote The Yeast Syndrome (which is a really great book). The book has a very comprehensive diet plan. I’m sure it will do good for you.

Whenever you take hot, steamy showers for too long, if many of your symptoms start acting up, I speculate that maybe it is because your house has a lot of mold and it gets in the steam.

Also, if your tap water is chlorinated, the heat of a hot shower allows chlorine gas to be given off in small quantities. You inhale the chlorine while standing in hot shower. If you have an intolerance to handle chlorine which many in the candida/compromised immune system do, you will feel bad when you get out of a long hot shower. Get a good filter for shower head and you may solve your problems with hot showers.


Designing With Carrera Subway Tiles – No Longer Hip to Be Square


Subway marble mosaic tile has come full circle in the minds and hearts of American consumers over the last several years, but the popularity has certainly exceeded all our expectations over the last two years. It is clear that from the overwhelming popularity of Subway marble tile in 3×6″, 3×8″ and 4×8″ formats that it is clear to all that it is no longer ‘hip to be square’. In the bathroom or simply a kitchen backsplash Carrera 3×6″ tile is a timeless addition to any design regardless of what theme you are trying to create. Most often noted for gracing the walls of many of the historic homes and bungalows built in the early 20th century, and made famous for their prominence in stations in the New York Subway system beginning in 1904, subway tile is making a name for itself once again today. The reason for this is that Carrera 3×6″ tile fits in to almost any interior design style. Subway tile is at home with the historic look when paired with a hexagonal tile floor, along with pedestal sinks and claw-foot bathtubs. Carrara subway tile also fits the modern look of a kitchen with Carrera 3×6″ Tile on the backsplash coordinated with stainless steel appliances and wood flooring it is a nice addition to any home.

Design ideas

Many interior designers love subway tile when designing a modern kitchen. Designers are opting to finish homes using stainless steel appliances, a stainless steel stove, dark granite countertops, track lighting and glass subway tile color coordinated with other elements in the room. The kitchen turned out beautiful. The majority of homeowners are familiar with the use of Subway 3×6″ in Bungalows and Victorian properties commonly built in the early 20th century. This tile was pervasive to that time period and the original tile still remains in many homes. But more often than not the tile was removed, damaged, or remodeled away by one of the home’s owners through the years.

Today, many homeowners who acquire such unique residences are seeking to return their homes as close as possible to their original glory. Subway tile is the overwhelming choice by homeowners in this situation. To match tile installations of the period, try a 3×6″ subway tile installed in a brick pattern on the walls with a 1″ honed hexagon or Basketweave mosaic tile for the floor. You will achieve your goal of bringing the house close to its original state and have a beautiful looking bathroom for years to come. As you can see, the design possibilities using subway tile are limitless no matter what design theme is present in your home.


Highest Fiber Foods Make You Strong


The possible advantages of a high fiber diet are immense, but most of it has to do with your digestive system. Fiber does promote overall health too though, including your teeth, arteries and heart.

Many fresh fruits and vegetables that you already enjoy are high in fiber. Avocados, mangos, apples, carrots, beans, cereals, whole grain bread and most types of nuts are all excellent sources of fiber. Some of these products have nutritional labels on them and you should consult these labels so that you buy a balanced shopping trolley with foods containing the highest fiber. Foods are important for nutrition, it is important that you consider the food that you buy and not just put it in the basket because it looks yummy.

Keep A List Of The Highest Fiber Foods

Maybe you should take fiber seriously. If you do, then keep a list of all the highest fiber foods. It can help to alleviate painful conditions like constipation and diarrhea. It has been linked to a decreased risk of colon cancer and diverticulitis. It is a common prescription for people who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome. On average your system will be better as fiber assists the movement of food through your body and the excretion of waste.

Most people however do not get enough vegetables and fruits fiber. People are rushed and rely mostly on fast foods and processed foods. These foods are often not very nutritional. On top of this, the fiber content is low too. If you want to eat quickly during the day it is vital to know which foods are the highest fiber foods. This will save you time and if you have a chart in your kitchen it will save you even more time and energy.

You should get at least 25g of fiber every day. 25g is the lower limit and the best will be around 30g, depending on your build and bodyweight. If want to be really serious about it you should consult a dietician and learn exactly how much fiber you should eat.


How to Build a Windmill Energy System


Do you wish to learn how to build a windmill energy system to run your home with free electricity? Creating free power with windmills is possible today and are very beneficial compared to using traditional fossil fuel energy.

1. What Are the Benefits of Running Your House with a Windmill Energy System?

Firstly, wind is a renewable source of energy that will never be fully depleted like fossil fuels. They are very clean to harness and use and will not release harmful carbon emissions. Best of all, they can help their user save up to 100% of their power bills yet cost less than $200 to construct.

2. How to Build a Windmill Energy Generating System?

The procedures required for the construction of windmills used to be a mystery to the general public, but that has started to change recently. There are many websites that promote the use of clean energy and renewable power systems today. They encourage their visitors to convert to using windmill and solar panels by providing step by step manuals and video tutorials that show how to build these systems.

3. Parts Needed to Start Building your Windmill

There are 5 main parts that you have to construct. They are the base, blades, tower, nacelle and batteries. The base needs to be built strong so that it can support the entire structure. The blades can be made from either wood or light weight plastic. Alternatively, you can also choose to purchase them.

The best materials to use for the tower are either PVC pipes or other materials that are similarly as strong as the pipes. Finally, you need to build the windmill nacelle and a battery system to store electricity generated that is not used up immediately.