How to Play All Video Files by The Pioneer AVH P4200DVD


When buying a Pioneer AVH P4200DVD, you suppose you can watch all format video in this DVD player. But after installed onto your vehicle, you know if you can play a DivX format video only. So, what can you do?

Don’t waste your time by whining and complaint. The firstly you must do is dig deeper information about all video formats out there. Furthermore focusing your effort on how to make them run into the DVD player. Lets go.

DivX is a video codec released by DivX in 2001 and extracted since 1998 by French hacker Jerome Rota at Montpellier. The DivX is distinct from DIVX or Digital Video Express. The last stable version is 7 and released in 2009. Then in September 2010, the DivX Plus Web Player (beta version) were introduced. In HTML5 video format, this version support for embedding video codec format others like DivX, AVI, MKV, MP4 and MOV video. Additional file format container also support for H264 video in MP4 or MOV.

AVI or audio video interleaved is a multimedia container format produced by Microsoft as part of its video for Windows technology in November 1992. Recently the original AVI specification could not anticipating the fastest growing of new computer video techniques. This format have several problems within like cannot contain some specific types of VBR data reliably, does not provide a standardized way to encode aspect ratio information, and not intended to contain variable frame rate material.

Matroska or The Matroska Multimedia Container (filename extension is MKV for video, MKA for audio, and MKS for subtitle) is an open standard free container format that early created in December 2002. Google in 2010 sponsored to development WebM, a multimedia container format that would be based on a profile of the Matroska by VP8 format in video and Vorbis in audio. This means a Matroska will be bigger and important than today.

QuickTime File Format (filename extension is MOV) is an extensible proprietary multimedia framework produced by Apple Inc. MOV capable to handle several formats of sound, picture, digital video, panoramic images and interactivity. QuickTime is integrated with MacOS X and downloadable for Windows as a standalone installation.

The four is a famous of video format and else many others available out there. But the problem about DVD player in AVH P4200 is it is only suitable with a DivX file. So, what can you do if you owned a MKV or MOV file?

You have three options. First, do not buy a AVH P4200 and find out car video others which supported your files. Second, do not watch your movies which cannot played by this Pioneer. Third, convert your files to DivX format. This is a best choice.

So, how to convert a MKV or AVI file to DivX format? Find out a video converter software. Don’t worry, many free version software downloadable out there, one of them is DivX Plus Converter. Pick up one movie file to convert as sample and play onto your AVH P4200. If you are satisfied with the convert result, you can convert more files. But free version of the DivX Plus Converter and DivX Plus Codec Pack available only for 15 days. After that you can purchase a Pro version and get a 30-day money-back guarantee.

By DivX Pro version, you can create a DivX file by unlock the pro features. You can easily convert MKV, WMV, AVI, MOV and MP4 files to DivX. You can create DivX file in your favorite video application like VirtualDub or Sony Vegas. You can also use pre-set profiles to make high-quality DivX videos for DivX HD, DivX home theater, or DivX wireless devices.

You can keep the new files into a USB flash drive or burn into a blank DVD. After that connected the file in the media to the AVH P4200 DVD player. And voila, you can watch the action of Megan Fox or enjoy the performance of Justin Bieber.


How to Get a Mobile Phone Repaired


Mobile phones have become quite a part of our lives. We require a phone quite frequently, whether we are at work or at home. If your phone stops functioning, that becomes a cause of serious concern. The first thing that you should do is to send it for repair work at a mobile phone repair shop.

Every manufacture has its own repair station. They have technicians available who figure out the problem and hand over the repaired phone to you.

These days, with the growing demand of cell phones, the manufactures are bound to manufacture them in large numbers. It is quite possible that some handsets might have a manufacturing default in the process. If you have bought a handset with such a fault, then it is replaced by the manufacturer immediately.

Generally all the handsets come with a 1 year warranty period, if the damage is caused in this period, then it is repaired free of cost. Any physical damage is not included in this.

If the fault occurs after the expiry of warranty, then you have to pay for any repairs. Apart from the cost of the damaged part, you also have to bear the service charges. It is always better to ask the total cost of repair beforehand because sometimes this cost is more than the cost of a new handset.

So instead of paying the same amount, you can get a new handset for yourself. You can also get it repaired from a local repair shop. Local dealers charge comparatively lower fees.

Some Ways Of Repairing Your Phone Yourself

If your phone gets drenched in water, then remove the battery immediately and place it in a cool dry place so that the battery is not damaged. Do not use the phone if it gets heated up regularly after talking for some time. Instead go to the mobile phone repair station and inform them about the same. Your phone might be faulty and it might explode if used repeatedly.

You should also take care while downloading something from the internet or through the Bluetooth technology. You might download viruses which can harm your cell phone by deleting the contacts and corrupting all other files. Some viruses can damage the whole software and you have to get the software installed again. Therefore you should download only from known and trusted sources.

If your phone gets damaged, then don’t panic. You can apply any of these measures, if they don’t work, then take your mobile for repair to a mobile phone repair shop.


Cross Apogee Fountain Pen Review


The Cross Apogee is a great pen that is within most people’s budget, with a very sleek, modern design.  Taking the cap off reveals the rhodium plated gold nib, although it looks a bit on the small side.  This, I feel adds to the design, although some people may not like it.  I would also add this is one in the heavier fountain pens that I have used.  This gives the pen the feeling of substance, this weight does not make it uncomfortable when writing.

The Apogee comes with a converter and a couple of cartridges.  The converter screws into place and is very sturdy and easy to use.  The only downside with this is that I feel it could hold a bit more ink.  I’m not sure it holds enough for a full day’s writing.

So how does it write?  I must say first impressions were excellent.  As soon as I put pen to paper there was no scratching but a smooth and pleasant ink-flow.  The nib isn’t really that flexible, however it does give enough to allow some variation in the ink line.  In general I found this pen extremely easy to write with.  I was using a medium nib, however I would recommend a fine nib.  I suppose this all depends on your writing style.  I found the medium nib did give a very clean line with a nice amount of wetness.  Here is an occasional skip, but not enough to cause a problem.

The only real complaint I had about this pen was the clip, as I found it very difficult to operate.  Being spring loaded you need to push down on the clip at the end of the pen, which is very difficult in one handed use.  The fact that this is quite a slippery pen makes it difficult to clip it into your shirt pocket one handed. Overall though I would definitely recommend the Cross Apogee as I’m extremely pleased with it.


Where Can I Find Honest Reviews and Discussions About Flexsteel Furniture?


If you are considering buying Flexsteel furniture, you may have tried to research what other consumers think about the products.

After all, who better to trust than the real people who have paid their own money for Flexsteel furniture? Who better to listen to than the consumers who use Flexsteel sofas and recliners every day? Who has more valuable firsthand experience of what the furniture looks and feels like years after it leaves the store? These people don’t have any interest in sugar coating their opinions, so they can be a great resource to help you make your buying decisions.

Where Are The Reviews Hiding?

But, if you have been searching for reviews and discussion of Flexsteel furniture you may have quickly become frustrated. It turns out that there just aren’t that many great places to find reviews for Flexsteel – or for any furniture companies for that matter. Unlike electronics, cars, and hotels, there just are that many great places to discuss and review furniture. Too bad.

Can’t Say Something Nice?

A few words about the negative reviews. No product only gets glowing, five star reviews. Accurate negative reviews will alert you to the shortfalls of any product. All products have some negative features and it’s fair and reasonable to discuss these. The bottom line is this: does the product I’m looking at have more bad reviews than its competitors? And are there trends in these bad reviews that are deal killers for me?

The Hunt For Good Information

However, I have found a few websites where you can find at least some honest reviews and discussions about Flexsteel.

They are: (currently the best place to look)

Go to these sites and search for “Flexsteel”, “Flexsteel Dylan”, “Flexsteel Recliners” and so on, depending on what you are looking for. You’ll find quite a few reviews and discussion threads about Flexsteel.

To find more review sites like these Google “Flexsteel Reviews,” “Flexsteel Discussions,” or “Flexsteel Details”.

My Conclusion?

After looking at a many of the reviews on Flexsteel, as well as competing brands in the same price range like Ashley, Broyhill, Magnussen, Aspehome and so on, it seems that Flexsteel reviews are as good or better than their competitors. Most of these major brands have good quality and great warranties because the furniture business is so large and competitive.

So, the choice of what to buy will probably come down to your style, budget and who you choose to buy from.

In fact, who you choose to buy from might be the most important choice of all. Many of the negative reviews you read about Flexsteel, and other brands, are actually about customer service at particular stores, not the brand itself. Flexsteel has been business since 1893, so they must know something about making products that keep them in business.

Finding Flexsteel Online

If you are looking to buy Flexsteel furniture online, do a Google search for “buy flexsteel online”. You’ll see both paid ads and organic search results for companies that Google has ranked worthy of being on page one. It’s a good sign if Google puts a company on page one of their search results.


Language Learning and Career Prospects


Why do people study new languages?

For many of us, it’s a career move. Gaining facility in a new vernacular simply allows us to expand our horizon, opening up doors that aren’t available to just anybody else. This is especially important if you’re traveling to a new country in order to further your career prospects. Going to Germany and not learning the local tongue is akin to snuffing out any chance you have of building a meaningful career.

Local Opportunities

Even when you’re not angling after an international career, there are plenty of local opportunities for individuals who gain facility in a second language. Learning English, for one, is a particularly valuable skill in many countries both in Asia and Europe, where you can serve as a translator, a language instructor, a professional consultant or any other sort of specialized job.

Many companies with international clients would love to have an employee on board who can speak a foreign tongue fluently, immediately putting you in a position of potentially high value to the organization. Given the choice between two equal job candidates, after all, would you go for someone with skill in another language or one without?

Learning A Language

While the benefits of gaining facility in a second language certainly seem tempting, the work going there is frequently not as attractive. Mastery of a new language, after all, will require you to invest plenty of energy and time. Whether you’re taking a class or studying with the help of a language software, the path is similar: you’ll have to bust your ass to get results. For that reason, very few people really take the time to master a new language, short of having a gun pointed to their heads.


Embroidered Baby Clothing


When a good friend has a baby most of us want to offer   unique  and memorable gifts that will stand out from the clutter of stuffed animals, diaper cakes and blankets. It’s not easy being original these days and often times the price of a  unique  gift can be way out of your price range. However, there is always a tried and true option for offering truly exceptional gifts and that is to personalize specific items with the baby’s name.

Many different baby gifts can be personalized but none look quite as catchy as embroidered clothing. You can personalize furniture, toys and photo albums but these are more keepsake items and not necessarily for everyday use. But with personalized t-shirts, sweaters, sweat suits and bath robes your baby boy or baby girl will have a special reminder of who they are no matter where they go.

Roll neck sweaters are gaining popularity with infants and toddlers and you can find boy and girl sweaters in terrific colors including classic navy blue and pink. Made from 100% luxuriously soft cotton roll neck sweaters are super comfortable and keep babies warm when the air gets nippy. Best of all roll neck sweaters can be embroidered in a number of ways including monogrammed block, script or funky style lettering to match your little one’s  unique  personality.

Great for everyday apparel t-shirts never go out of style and you can find comfortable and durable t-shirts made from high quality material blends including cotton, polyester and spandex that make for great baby gifts. Double layer t-shirts can be found in baby boy blue and baby girl pink for classic baby apparel and can be personalized with a baby’s full name, initials or single letter.

If you really want to make an impression on that newborn baby boy or baby girl then consider a fresh looking personalized velour sweat suit that will keep them current with today’s trendy fashions. You can find high quality baby track suits that feature pink, blue or white piping, matching gusset and interior hood lining for added comfort.

Infant velour sweat suits are ideally sized for infants and toddlers between 6-12 months and the cuffs are snug so the sleeves stay baggy to keep up with the latest styles. Keep it simple and plain with a single embroidered letter that looks cool and gives your toddler a sense of his own identity.


Can You Learn From a Golf Training Swing Lesson?


Ralph had long been looking for a golf training swing lesson that would help him with his short game. He was a long driver and a good scorer on the long holes, but when it came to getting on the green, he had nothing but problems. Ralph couldn’t hit out of the traps to save his life, and he didn’t have a clue about how to chip or pitch the ball. So when he was told that he could take a golf training swing lesson online, he was intrigued. But could this type of learning actually work for him?

– Everyone learns in a completely different way. Some people need to see someone perform a movement so that they can mimic it. Other people need to have it described to them or broken down into its smallest parts. Ralph needed all of these, and that is one of the reasons why he decided to go with online lessons.

– When you take online golf training swing lessons, you will find that you are taught in a variety of ways, from verbal descriptions to video depictions. This can help people like Ralph who need to see it and hear it in order to be able to do it.

– As opposed to taking a golf training swing lesson from your local golf pro, taking a lesson online actually allows you a lot more flexibility. If you are the kind of person who   learns  better at night, then you can take a lesson online in the comfort of your own home. If you travel a lot, all you need is your laptop and an Internet connection and you will be in front of a virtual golf instructor.

– There are some online lesson websites that will allow you to videotape yourself and send it in for evaluation. This is an added benefit for those people who just aren’t sure what they are doing wrong.

Ralph did his research, found a few good websites that offered online lessons and then read the  reviews . After he decided on one to try, he sat down and began working on his swing, trying to figure out what he was doing wrong and what he was doing right. With the newfound information he gained, he was able to sharpen up his game at the range and the practice green, and soon he took it to the golf course.


Learn How To Be On Top Of Google


Many people strive to learn how to be on top of Google. It is a journey that is worth embarking. Why is this? Well of course being on top of Google with a keyword phase that attracts traffic means that you are likely to be earning money.

If you have a website that is ranked at the top of Google and a number of people are typing in your keyword phrase you are targeting then that is powerful. You have people coming to your site on a daily basis. If your website offers great value in terms of information to help people and you can guide them to a valuable offer then you my friend are making money on the internet.

However I want to concentrate on the journey. There are learning points you will need to go through.

The first learning point is ignoring the information products out there that try to tell you that this is easy. How to be on top of Google is as simple as clicking a button or using the latest software. Believe me this is all hype as the lazy option does not exist. Learning this first point when will enable you to focus your mind on writing valuable content to push your site up the rankings.

The second   learning  point is to find the right keywords or keyword phases to rank your web site. You need to  learn  to use phrases that are targeted to your website. So that if you are selling Indian dinner recipes then you should use phrases that are close to this.

Also you must ensure your phrase is something people are using to type into the search engines. I would suggest using keyword tools for this.

You also need to  learn  how to ensure that the phrase does not have too much competition. Again you can use keyword tools to  review  this.

This second  learning  point is a huge subject and it took me a long time to understand how to do this correctly. So I suggest paying money to learn how to find the right targeted keywords will be money well invested.

The third point to learning how to be on top of Google is to develop a plan to create content and drive traffic. The plan needs to be a monthly, weekly and daily plan. You may decide to write say one article a day and make 1 video a day. Over time the back links pointing to your website will be pushing your site up the rankings. Of course you need to make sure you set time aside to keep to your plan.

So in summary I have highlighted 3 great ways to show you how to be on top of Google. To be honest it’s not really hard to learn. It does take a little learning, some planning and I would say some small commitment to get the job done. However it is worth the journey because once you have achieved this then you will have constant traffic coming to your website resulting on a healthy income.


3 Secret Strategies for Making Your Wife Give You Head


How to Make Your Wife Give You Head

Hey man,

So, you don’t know how to make your wife give you head more often, or, at all. No worries, there are certain things that you can do that will make giving you head a hell of a lot more interesting to her. I’ll give you 3 secret strategies for brainwashing your wife into giving you head on demand! This may sound insane, but bear with me. The reality is that your wife would be HAPPIER if she gave you head every day, she just doesn’t know it, yet. Let’s get her down to business;)

1. The first strategy is the “Fear” strategy. Here’s how it works. It contains two parts. The first part is crucial for making your wife give you head: you have to become as valuable as possible to your wife. She needs to depend on you for something. It can be money, power, or just emotionally. If she needs You, she’ll do anything to keep you. This is where you have power over her. It may sound cruel, but I guarantee you that this is in Her best interest. Your job is to make yourself as valuable as you can. Get a better job, make more money than her, be above her in any way that will make her dependent on you. That’s the first part, here’s where the second part kicks in: Fear of loss. If you are valuable, other women will find you attractive, and, when that happens – your wife will know that if she doesn’t please your sexual needs and wants – some other women might jump in and take you away from her. She’ll do anything to stop that. That’s one way you can make your wife give you head more often.

2. The second strategy is the “Reciprocity” method. Here’s how it works. Don’t expect to get anything if you never give anything. Give, and you’ll get. Start by eating your wife out at least two times a week. Eat her out like there’s no tomorrow. If you can give her the best sex ever, she’ll do anything to keep you. Plus, giving her great sex will make you more valuable to her. Not only that – but, she’ll feel like she owes you something and that she has to repay you with great head. This is a very successful strategy for making your wife go down on you.

3. The third persuasion strategy is what I call “Brainwashing.” You need to brainwash her into giving you more head step by step, little by little, and sooner or later she’ll love giving you head and it will seem like she was doing it forever. She’ll initiate the blow job herself. How do you brainwash her into enjoying blow jobs? You use the reward system. Whenever she does something that you like and you want her to keep doing – you reward her. Reward her with compliments, kisses, helping around the house, flowers, whatever you want – just do it AFTER she did what you want her, not before. This is very, very important. Always reward her AFTER she gave you head, not before that. Don’t use cheap persuasion strategies to make her give you head… they don’t work.

These are some basic tips that will help you to make your wife give you head. Make sure to also check out my other articles that will also help you improve your sex life.




Why Do Some Guys Want to Commit So Fast? Learn the Reasons Why Some Guys Are So Quick


It has kind of become like a norm that most men either hate to get into commitments or take a long time in doing so. So, it does come as a surprise to women when their man is overly eager to get committed. Below might be some reasons for that.

Reasons from the past
Maybe he has been in a relationship where he loved his woman and was absolutely committed to her and spent plenty of time and effort only to be dumped by her. So maybe his past insecurities are making him rush if he feels that you are the right one for him.

He is head over heels in love with you
Everyone has heard of the love at first sight syndrome. It is possible that something like this has happened to him regarding you. He has eyes only for you and you have become his centre of universe. So, obviously he sees no reason for any delay of any sort.

He may have territorial instincts
Now every woman has their set of admirers. If he is in some way interested in you, then his natural instincts would tell him to put a fence around you in an effort to keep the other guys at bay while he take his time to sort out his own feelings about you. In his mind he just wants the security that you do not fall for someone else in case he wants you for himself.

He is completely sure of his feelings
It is human nature for the mind and heart to be in conflict most times. But it can be that he in his whole being is very sure that you are the one and only for him. He will then find no reason for waiting.

His mind has made him insecure about you
Now he might very much be in love with you and if at all he has seen something in your behaviour or mannerisms that tell him that you might be losing interest in him, he will just push the panic button and offer his commitment sooner than you think due to fear of losing you.

Maybe he has been there forever on the scene
It might be possible that he has gone around and dated a lot of women in the past only to have been disappointed by every one of them in some way or the other. And so if he likes you, he feels the need to be quick for commitment before his mind undergoes a change too.

That need to feel settled
Bachelor days are not going to be around forever. Every man at some point of time in life wants to settle down. And if he feels that you are that special one for him, surely he is not going to hang around for long.