The Truth Behind the PS3 3 Beeps


Your PS3 beeps 3 times when it’s turning on? It then freezes black and flashes the red power light? Many PS3 players complain about this problem, though Sony seems to be denying the existence of it. In this article, we are going to talk about the causes of PS3 3 beeps, and how to solve this problem quickly and effectively.

99.9% of the time, PS3 beeping is a heat sync problem. It means your CPU and GPU are overheated for long hours of work, poor ventilation of the console, or other reasons. The excess level of heat causes loosening the CPU and GPU. Therefore your CPU and GPU need to be re-seated.

However, before you do anything to fix PS3 three beeps, you should first try the following basic steps. Because there are chances you can easily fix this problem by them. Please Do Try.

1. Turn off the PS3 for more than twenty minutes, and then boot it up.

2. Unplug all cables, and plug them back in. Make sure they are connected correctly and firmly at both ends.

3. If that didn’t work, then try to take out the hard-drive, and put it back in. Chances are this will not fix the problem but about 1% of the time it will due to the HD being connected securely.

For the most part, your PS3 still beeps 3 times after these efforts. That means you have to re-seat the CPU and GPU to fix the problem. In this case, I do recommend that you send your console to Sony repair service center, if your PS3 is still under warranty.

But for those whose console is out of warranty, I suggest they fix PS3 beeps by themselves, under the guide of professional repair manual, of course. Because if the warranty expires, one should pay $150 plus tax to Sony for repair the console, and wait 4-6 weeks for the return of PS3. What if the issue persist after all the payment and long-time of waiting?

Therefore, it is wiser to choose a cheaper and quick way to fix PS3 3 beeps. This is to follow a PS3 repair Guide and fix the PS3 beeping problem by yourself. Just for your reference, there is a reputable PS3 repair guide — Rob Sheffield’s PS3 Lights Fix Guide. It is famous on the Internet and proven workable to fix most of the problem of PS3, including PS3 3 beeps.

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